Sunday, 21 February 2010

Longing for Spring

The cold weather continues. The ground is frozen........I have achieved very little in the garden.
I need to see bees and bugs and things.

I need the sun on the back of my neck as I weed a border.

I need to hear the drone of a bumble.
I need colour.........
Blue skies would be nice, with a big yellow ball.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A fond farewell.........

The day started with blue skies and bird song. It felt like spring.
The old apple tree is being eaten from the inside out........from the hollow tumbles rich organic matter. Beneath her canopy is the perfect place for spring bulbs. I drove to the nursery early this morning and came back with dwarf iris, snowdrops, and miniature daffodils.

Last night Mr P and I lost a very dear friend. Keith had faced illness for most of his adult life. In and out of hospital, looking death in the face several times.

I never once heard him complain.
Instead Keith got on with life. He decided he would do something positive.....
Over the last two decades he has raised thousands and thousands of pounds for those less fortunate than himself.....
He was a bright and cheerful man, with a heart of gold.
The spring bulbs honour the man I am proud to call my friend. I know as each spring passes and the pretty blooms appear, I shall hear his laughter and remember the wonderful times we all had together.
Sleep peacefully my friend........

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Snowdrops appear at the darkest time of the year,
and insist that spring is coming.

I don't think so!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Garden update......

I have spent the morning filling in holes. Holes in the lawn, holes in the borders and holes around the conifer trees. I am sure you realise that this damage is due to rabbits.
The frosts of the last two months have ended for the time being. Light rain today allowed me to walk the garden and look at the condition of the plants in the garden. The wisteria I am sure has seen its last bloom. The wood is brittle and there are no buds.....anyone who has a wisteria will know there should be buds galore at this time....

All the following plants have been eaten or damaged in some way......Pulmonaria

Viburnum Davidii.

Holly tree.
Primula vulgaris.
Hellebore buds have been badly damaged by mice.
Conifers. I can accept this damage and will sort it out given time. What saddens me is that most of the plants are early spring bloomers. They are my bee plants.. They supply the early spring risers with the nectar and pollen they need during the cold days of spring. My main reason for gardening is for the wildlife that lives here. Bees butterflies birds and bugs are my passion.
But it is not all doom and gloom. The following are doing well at the moment.
Arums are showing more and more of their lovely leaves.
White loosestrife.
Helleborus foetidus.
I am loving my ivy......
Pieris 'forest flame'
I planted Epemediums when I moved here. I adore these pretty plants and I have the perfect environment for them. Each year they are eaten. I have never seen them in flower. Mr P (darling man that he is) bought me two reproduction 'Victorian cloches'. Handmade from cast iron and glass they are just so pretty.
I can have them open during the day.......
and at night I can put their little roof on and keep those beastly bunnies out......
I really am so thrilled with these, they look absolutely gorgeous.....slightly rusting which in my book is perfect......
And finally, I am taking a blogging break....quite a long one actually. With a busy personal acre of land to sort out, and a huge rethink on the gardens I shall not be around for 4 - 6 weeks. I will visit my favourite blogs when I can and intend to stay in touch with those I call my friends.
And so I shall see you in the spring and hopefully be able to show you the garden in a different light.