Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday safari

I carefully took the mason bees from the shed and placed them in the garden. I do hope they have survived this long and cold winter.
Nature at times, can be cruel. The squirrel has been busy.

Rooks are busy raising their nests. Countryfolk tell of a long hot summer.

As the day came to an end the euphorbia looked pretty dancing in the sunlight.
A lone bee enjoyed the blooms........nearly time to go back to her nest.
Dicentra are appearing along the woodland walk.......they are looking healthy.
Walking back to the house I noticed a small bird on the lawn. At first I thought it was a sparrow.
The black head told me that it was not. I love the markings on his back. Oh my, a new to me species.
I rushed inside to find my RSPB excited am I.
It's a Reed bunting. I have never seen one in the wild. He has been feeding with the sparrows. This, for me, is the cream on the cake. I love my garden, but I love what visits more.
And finally, thank you to Lisa at Greenbow. I love the bookmark. Such a surprise when I went to the post box yesterday. I shall, without doubt, use it for my garden journal. Lisa, you are so very kind. How did you know I love glass beads?
The grandchildren stayed yesterday and today. We hunted for eggs and had a special breakfast. A trip to the seaside (Hastings) was fun. We watched the angry sea splash onto the pebble beach....we laughed a lot. A fish and chip tea was great fun, and so very 1960's. The little cafe has not been updated. The food was good, the owners gentle and polite. I had a wonderful day.....
Happy Easter Sunday........have you had a lovely day??


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Hi Cheryl, do they still serve fish and chips in newspaper? My mom said that's how they did it in Australia in the late 50s/early 60s. I love me some fish n chips, esp. with a pickled egg. Sigh. I planted a ton of dicentra last fall (they were taking over my mom's garden) and so far I have foliage for one coming up. I think the others are under a fairly thick leaf layer and will take longer to emerge. No blooms or even stalks yet. Tomorrow I am riding my bicycle to the store to see if there are any Lindt rabbits left. If there are, they'll be half price. I figure so long as I'm biking, it's OK to buy chocolate. I love those Lindt rabbits so.

Cheryl said...

Hi Monica. Yes you can eat the fish and chips out of the paper....fancy you knowing that. I seem to remember your Mum was English?? Pickled eggs......not something I have ever taken to but I have an Uncle who is addicted to them.

I love Dicentra.....they do so well here....I think it is the damp ground that serves them so well.

Lindt bunnies are pretty scrummy and one of Poppi's could pop over and have a Lindy bunny tea party with her!!lol
Keep riding that bike......

Cheryl said...

Sorry Monica did not make that clear....paper now, not newspaper......

Sharon said...

Congrats on the Reed Bunting! Do you live near a river/marsh/lake? I'm so jealous of the thought of a good old proper fish n chip shop - ones over here tend to be quite Americanized & fast foody! (if you get what I mean!)

Cheryl said...

Hi Sharon.....the river is around a mile away and we do have many large wildlife ponds in the fields nearby. Just so exciting for me.

I do not have fish and chips very often but when I do I thoroughly enjoy was the real thing and absolutely delicious......

The Early Birder said...

Hi Cheryl. Just picked up your comment and request. Congratulations..ID for male Reed Bunting is correct and a fabulous garden sighting for you.

Like you I'm slowly watching various blooms starting to appear including some specie Tulips. The Euphorbia certainly sings in the sunshine. As for fish n' chips, you are making me hungry again even after a family meal out.! FAB.

Cheryl said...

Early Birder......tku so much for dropping by, truly appreciated.
So pleased to have id confirmed on the reed bunting.

Fish and chips do wet the appetite, don't they?

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Such a delightful to me species always makes me leap with joy too. I also garden for the bees and bugs and birds. Your Bunting is very handsome! Miss Bee is charming. We also set the mason bee box out yesterday. It is warm in my neck of the woods.
Lisa is a dear friend. She has much talent too. Lovely bookmark.
Sounds as if you had a most enjoyable Easter with family and nature.
All is beautiful.
Happy Safari dear friend.

Naturegirl said...

Oh yum those fish and chips from those little wagons are the best!!
I love all the going ons happening in your Spring garden Cheryl! I saw my first bee of this season todaY!!
Happy Easter to you and many blessing too! hugs anna xo

I know that Lisa is such a generous spirit..I LoVe her!!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

Wonderful photos as always Cheryl, not a fan of Euphorbia, but I do love your magical dusky photo, looks so romantic :)

Great to see the Reed Bunting, I'm surprised it's still with the Sparrows at this time of year, normally by now mixed flocks should have broken up!

Mmm, I think it's time for some chocolate egg, haven't had any at all yet!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would faint in a dead rapture if I saw a Reed Bunting in my garden. What a beautiful bird. You lucky lady. I didn't know you liked beads Cheryl but I am glad you do. I love them and am always buying them for no apparent reason except I like the colors or patterns, size, doesn't take much to get me to purchase a bag of beads. I am glad you like your bookmark. It sounds like you had a great day with the Grands. Give them a big hug from me. We had a delightful day too. My family came up to visit. We ate and it was warm enough to sit outside all afternoon and chat. Just lovely. We were investigated by some wasps that seem to be wanting to make a nest in an abandoned wren box on the patio. Hmmmm Beautiful photos as always.

Wendy said...

Oh how exciting! To find a new species of bird in your garden! What a special gift for Easter.

I'm glad you had a wonderful time with grands and a trip to the sea. We still colour eggs here too (well not here, but my grands do).

Happy Easter. It was warm here and sunny.

Rose said...

So glad you showed your mason bees, Cheryl; I've been wondering if you had overwintered them again. Enjoyed the tour of your garden--so much is blooming already! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter...the grandkids (and their parents, of course) were over yesterday for dinner, and they enjoyed hiding Easter eggs in the yard. It was the first sunny and warm Easter Sunday we've had in many years. And Sophie was in 7th heaven with all her favorite playmates around:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm exactly the same way when I find a new bird in my garden. Last year there were two yellow birds that kept flitting about in my maple tree. I never could get a really good look let alone a photo but think they were yellow warblers. I was so excited for days.

A wildlife gardener said...

What a delight to come for a visit, dear Cheryl :)

Everything in your garden is so much further on than mine at the moment so I am enjoying all your colour :)

The mason bees canes are a super idea. I love your pond it a water chesnut?

I have many drifts of snowdrops...but no Snowflakes...I must invest in some...yours are so lovely and delicate-looking :)

What else did I admire? The double-headed Daffodil; the bee inside the hellebore; the excitement of your new Reed Bunting visiting; and your new planting of primroses :)

I will send you an Easter web card ...

A wildlife gardener said...

I don't have your email, so here it is...copy the link and paste into a new window, and your card will open up :)