Saturday, 12 June 2010

Safari: bugs and blooms

It is funny how things turn out. The problems caused by the rabbits during the winter months really got me down. At one point I did not know how to cope with the continuous damage to plants, shrubs and trees.
A few days ago, I realised I was taking gardening far too seriously.

It is supposed to be enjoyable.....
I am back on track.....why did I seek perfection, when in reality, I am not a perfectionist.
I had lost sight of the little things, that have always given me so much pleasure.
Walking the garden today was a joy. There is so much that is new to me.
On reflection, the rabbits did me a huge favour.
I was in a rut.
My journey with the garden and wildlife has turned another corner.
There are still rabbits in the garden every night but most of the plantings are surviving. I am learning, I am growing with the garden.

The garden is teaming with wildlife....the best year yet, especially bees.
That makes me happy, it truly does.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That unrelenting perfectionist in us all trys to rear its ugly head every once in a while. You just have to sit back and tell yourself it isn't worth the bother. As you say those small beautiful rewards are the best ever. We have a few bumbles here. I think I have that deep maroon lily too. I think it is so pretty. Happy Safari.

Amy said...

It sounds like an epiphany Cheryl! While you are learning to live with the varmints, I've been on the warpath. Jack and I snared an evil vole this morning. You'll be proud of me though - we "relocated" him rather than "offed" him (or her!).

Cheryl said...

HI Lisa......absolutely, I do not like it when I seek perfection. It doesn't happen very often, thank goodness.

I love lillies, the colours are so intense, you cannot fail to notice them.

Happy Sunday Lisa

Cheryl said...

HI Amy, I am indeed proud. I firmly believe everything has a right to life. That is of course a purely personal opinion. We must all be guided by our own thoughts and values.

My mother brought me up that way, it would be hard to change now.......

Printed Material said...

I think you've adopted the right philosophy and only wish I could do the same. We too had loads of rabbits and their destruction did really annoy me but we're now down to a single visitor because nature has it's good years and bad years for animals as well as flowers. I've learned to live with the ups and downs... although I've transferred my dislike to grey squirrels as they do more damage than the rabbits and they take birds eggs etc too. Wish I could be as pragmatic as you! Lesley

Cheryl said...

Thank you Lesley....I do so love to read your comments. They give such a clear picture, and help me see the other view.
You are quite right, there are good years and bad years.
Squirrels are not too much of a problem here......but who knows what lies ahead!!!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

Wow, I love that yellow flower, is it an Aquilegia? I love the long spikes! Very nice :)

I'm glad you are managing to move on from the Rabbit damage, I think the damage they cause seems far worse in winter and spring because there's so little around that any issues become really obvious.
Although I am sure life would be much easier without your Lagomorph friends, being able accept their presence really is admirable :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz....aquilegia dragonfly....I love it. Remember I will always keep seeds for you if you are interested. It does bloom for a very long period.

I am not sure it is admirable but tku.

I think you are to some degree right Liz. During the winter months the damage does jump out at you and it is hard to ignore.

Life, without doubt, would be so much easier without them. That is not going to happen.......we have got to live together.

sylvï said...

what a nice post. not that all of yours aren't.. but it's a healthy reminder in general. i think you are so lucky to have rabbit problems! my garden is on a slab of concrete on the shady wall of an apartment building. i don't even get squirrels.

do you have a name for that deep red aquilegia? it'a a beautiful colour.

Rose said...

Cheryl, you have put into words just what I have been feeling lately. I haven't had to deal with rabbits, but I have been striving for something close to perfection. I've been focusing on weeds and the "rough edges" of the garden rather than enjoying the simple beauties that have made gardening such a joy in the past. I realized today that the butterfly garden, in particular, has weeds and is pretty wild in its appearance, but it's full of blooms and bees--and that's all that matters, isn't it?

I love all the delicate blooms of your columbines and other flowers. And seeing all the small creatures in your garden is a sign that it's a healthy place to be!

Gail said...

I stumble upon this lesson over and over Cheryl; each time I hope I've finished learning that i am my own worst critic~I am glad you reminded me to appreciate and enjoy. gail lovely images btw.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Cheryl. I have a quote on my site today about what control freaks gardeners are.

Seriously, I learned the same thing in my garden. It is a great lesson and comes under the heading of life lessons learned in the garden. I guess to sum it up "work with nature, never against her" or "you cannot control nature". What a relief to stop fighting:)

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Marnies right. Work with nature.
Also sometimes we need a little less little work as possible. :)

Terrie B x said...


Your photos are beautiful..

I love you sharing your garden with us all!!!! TFI

Have a great week:)x

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

It is so easy to get caught up with trying to attain perfection in the garden. We put so much of ourselves into it--it's almost like having a child that you dream will be better than yourself. It is such a relief to be able to stop and enjoy the garden for it's unique qualities. But I must say, that maroon lily is perfection!

Becky said...

i am so drawn to your photos - so lovely! Great captures.

Cheryl i have started a new fresh blog if you'd like to take a peek,
it is HERE.

Happy Summer to you!

Wendy said...

I think we all get caught up in this creative passion that has to be "just so". And then it rains or snows or the wind comes along and blows it all away. Rabbits eat, chipmunks chew, mice destroy, slugs gulp - and all our hard work is gone!

Never mind - nature has a way of making rainbows just when you least expect it.

Your photos are truly remarkable. I just love them and hope you will continue to have fun with your camera over the summer.

Country Mouse Studio said...

such beautiful flower photos, now I'm longing for spring