Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Me post.......

Silence hangs over the garden today.....there is not much in the way of sunshine but it is warm, and there is a soft gentle breeze. A white butterfly came to visit. She danced around the garden and took me with her. She settled here and there, and I was only aware of her beauty.
The doves nearby give the garden a sense of peace and calm. Gentle birds.
The ox eye daisy smiles at me as I stroll by and I smile back.
The lupins fragrance calls and I delight at her blooms.
The pretty blooms of the camomile dance in front of me.
Philadelphus draws me to her with her sweet and heady fragrance.
I notice the freckles on the pyracantha, and realise how pretty she is.
Can you tire of daisies, not I.
Even the white petunia has a perfume that pleases.
Do you think I like white? You could be right.

Who needs the leaves of the hosta, when you can gaze into her blooms.
My life would be less without the bees in my garden....everyday they come and I never tire of watching them work amongst the flowers.
The valerian has a guest, the bee could not resist the scent, neither can I.
Little hoverfly and daisy sweet, such a perfect combination.
She came back again and settled in the garden........I was grateful to her for giving me a chance to watch her. She blends so beautifully with the green leaves. Her wings so fragile, so perfect, and much appreciated by the lady that looks on.
Yesterday I visited Leanne @ Somerset Seasons......you can link to her via my sidebar. Leanne posted a poem on Sunday that took my breath away. It is called Thoughts and is written by her. The young lady has a wonderful talent, so if you feel inclined pop over and take a look.


Leanne said...

hi Cheryl, thank you for the lovely comment about my poem, and the link to my blog.Ive had such lovely feedback for my poetry, may be brave and post more from time to time now!! thought i'd just better say though- my lovely 19yr old daughter is the 'young' lady of the family, not me! She is maiden, I am mother!! (and as for her Nan? :-) :-) !!!!

Leanne x

Cheryl said...

Hi Leanne....that made me smile. You are still young to me, my son is 36 and my daughter 33.....
Its a pleasure to link you, I hope you get lots of visits,

Rose said...

Such lovely white blossoms and white doves, too! White doves are something we don't see over here unless they are domesticated ones.
I checked out Leanne's poem--you are right; it's so well-written. She is a very talented poet. Thanks for recommending her.
By the way, we are having a glorious day today--I will be outside all day!

beckie said...

Cheryl, I am always so moved by your narrative of your garden, flowers, and nature. You bring us in and take us along. Thank you for the lovely walk. The white is certainly peaceful. Maybe we don't use it enough in our gardens. It provides a needed contrast to all the bright colors.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose.....The doves are domesticated but not mine. They belong to our neighbours and spend most of their time with me.
I am so glad the sun is shining, I have been thinking of you all out there.

Have fun in your garden today.

Cheryl said...

I am glad that you liked the stroll Beckie, it was a pleasure having you with me.
I love white and it does add something to the garden, at least I think so!
Hear the sun is shining, enjoy.

Border Reiver said...

What a great posting, colour themed wildlife. This is the first time I've visited your blog (I think, I'm getting old ha ha ) nice stuff

Miranda Bell said...

Good evening... I realise it's a few days since I visited and what a fab collection of pictures you've taken since then... I bet there isn't a dull moment in your garden! I've been very busy over the weekend here clearing more of our woodland with the help of my sister which was great and today I've started on the long line of hedge cutting as the hedges are already needing done - about 1 mth earlier than I did them last year!

Hope I'll get the chance to post something on my blog this week in between the busy moments!

Take care Miranda

Goosey said...

Lovely blog, I shall keep visiting..the flower pictures are just beautiful, BW Goosey

naturewitch said...

Hi Cheryl

Thank you for sharing such exquisite beauty. It's cold and rainy outside here so your pictures of summer are very much appreciated.

You've inspired me with your bees and I'm thinking of building a home for them in my garden this summer. Normally, the way to do this is to purchase a hive, but I'll have to read up, as I'm hoping there is a more natural way. We need to protect these precious creatures.

love and light

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Never do I tire of seeing your bees. The white butterfly reminds me of our Cabbage Whites. I too find them charming.
You have many lovely white blooms. I also am a white flower grower. I enjoy them in the gardne and in my house.
Wonderful walk in your garden. Thank you.
I watched another Mason bee find nectar today and fill another tube in the bee box. Slowly my box is filling up. It is very exciting.
I shall go read Leanne's poem!
Thank you for the link.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of the white in your garden is wonderful. I think white makes the garden look enchanted during dusk and the night hours. It is especially pretty during a full moon.

Dawny P said...

What a stunning collection - all white and all just fabulous. I love white as well - it is so pure and I think it lends a simplicity which no other colour can match. I know it's subjective though.

Oh thank you so much for your
help with the slugs Cheryl - I wasn't in the least offended. I think I may have misled you a bit with what I said though. We do have pellets but I dont like using them, mainly cos I am scared of what else picks them up, as you rightly say. So therefore suffer the consequences of my lovely plants ended up looking like Swiss Cheese!! I have heard of the copper rings but I just wondered if there was some natutral substance that you knew of which they didnt like. I am resorting to doing the dawn patrol and collecting them and putting them in the wood next to our house. I wish they would all stay in there to be honest. Someone told me to put salt on them but oh I just couldn't bear to do that. Have a great week xxxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Border reiver....tku for dropping by.
Glad you like the blog, will pop over sometime and take a look at yours.

Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda....yes it is a busy time, but keeps my aching body active...which is good.
I only have one formal hedge, the rest are wildlife hedges, it makes life a lot easier and the local birds etc reap the benefits.
Hope that you get yours cut and looking tidy again.
Have fun.

Cheryl said...

Hi Goosey...love the name and the story behind it. Tks for your lovely comments and welcome.

Cheryl said...

Music to my ears naturewitch....I hope you find the 'more naturaly way' of building a hive.
I believe people are not taking this problem seriously. Such a small creature tends to get ignored. If it was a foot and mouth outbreak, panic would set in.
The consequences of losing our bee population is enormous. Extensive studies are needed to find out how to deal with this parasite that is killing our bees.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry...always a pleasure.
The butterfly is, I believe, the green veined white. It does not use cabbage plants as a most but several wildflowers, all of which I grow in the garden. I love this fragile creature, she is one of my favourites.

I am so glad you are enjoying your bees. Aren't they just magical Sherry. Such sweet creatures.

White is indeed lovely....

Cheryl said...

Hi Lisa...you are right about white and full moon. It captures my imagination everytime I look out. Quite magical.

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny....I have been looking out for you with regard to slugs. Apparently bran is the ideal solution and has a huge success rate. You place bran around the plants, the slugs eat it and die.
I have never tried it so can't pass any comment on it.
I prefer to let the birds eat them...I am a bit of a wimp with all this killing business. Silly old me.

Leanne said...

Cheryl, you love the bees...check out http://wisewomanjournal.blogspot.com/ a post entitled sadness of the trees. ruth wrote so movingly, really choked me up

leanne x

Cheryl said...

Thank you Leanne, I visited, how this saddened me....I have been campaigning and helping bees for such a long time now. No one seems to be listening....such tiny creature are insignificant....but what they do for the human race is enormous. I can see I am going to have to take this further.....

I am grateful to you.

Naturegirl said...

Cheryl this was a wonderful post! You and I both seem to delight in our white blossoms! Oh I can see you following the bee and the butterfly around your garden of delightful whites!! Great photos and thank you for stopping by to share in my JoY! hugs aNNa

Cheryl said...

Thank you Anna......your news was wonderful, and your post most precious.

Ruth said...

Thanks for your message Cheryl - what lovely photos on your blog. I've been busy planting things for the bees too.

Cheryl said...

Thats good to hear Ruth...tku for dropping by.