Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunny Sunday.

I am sitting outside this evening with the lap top...I hate being inside when it is still warm and the sun is setting. The wren has been singing, and toads are calling to each other. Strange combination but I like it. The blue tit that built her nest in the old hand pump on the water feature is still in and out. I can hear her little ones cheeping. All in all I feel unplifted by the sounds of nature........and I can hear the young children next door playing with their father.... I think of my two dear grandchildren. Anyway the garden and its gifts today. Above Gunnera Manicata, I sat underneath it to take this photograph, it is huge now and a wonderful shelter for toads and frogs, when the weather is too hot.
This bee was having a wonderful time in this rose.......he kept revisiting again and again.
Two young sparrows looking for Mum or Dad. They were so still........I found feathers and little bones beneath the hawthorn hedge today.....I think the Magpie is up to his tricks and taken a young blue tit, judging by the colours of the feathers.
A robin looks down at me......I leave him food in the shed, this gives him a chance to have a quick snack on his own without any aggravation. The larger birds tend to dominate the feeders.
Little wren, he sang so sweetly....not a good photograph....they just won't stay long enough to get a good snap.
Beautiful bee......aiming for the trumpet of a foxglove.
The arums are increasing in size and their beautiful blooms look stunning, especially when the light begins to fade.
I have lots of this little wild flower in the meadow this year......vetch, I like it, sweet. Hey I didn't know that was there, can you see the ant on the stem. Gosh that was a bit of luck, adds to the picture.
Lots of colourful blooms.......I love nasturtium flowers in salads........ pretty.....I put them in ice trays and freeze, then I add them to summer drinks.

The white daisy is a's simplicity is what I like.
Astilbe, frothy little blooms. They do well here due to the damp soil.
Pure white foxglove against a blue sky.........heaven.
The canterbury bells are out...they opened fully today.
And lastly jerusalem cross. I have dozens of these scattered around the garden, they reseed like mad but at least fill lots of spaces. The sun has nearly set....the fragrance of honeysuckle, roses, and wild flowers fill the air. This is what gardening is really about, enjoying our little bit of paradise. The size does not matter, be it large or small, its our sanctuary, somewhere special to us. So my gardening friends, may your burdens be light and your joys many......cherish your space.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your pictures are all quite nice Cheryl but I just love that astillbe. It is stunning.

I was on another blog the other day and there was a link to a Bumblebee conservation site in the UK. Are you familiar with this? I was facinated by some of the information they have on the site. Especially with the drawings to help you id the bumble bees. Anyway I thought of you when I looked at the site.

beckie said...

Cheryl, sounds like a lovely evening. I like to sit out just at sunset too. But It has been too hot here for days. Your pictures are wonderful-again! The bee in mid-flight going into the foxglove is absolutely amazing!! Such a variety of flowers you have. It boggles my mind what you have accomplished in 5 years. You are a Master Gardener in my book. Thanks for just a delightful post.

Cheryl said...

Hi Lisa....I love astilbe to, and I was pleased with that photo.

I have been to several UK Bumblebee sites....they are really helpful. There is a lot of campaigning going on here at the moment because of the decline in most species of bees. Thanks a lot for thinking of me though...

Cheryl said...

Thank you Beckie...master gardener, you are way too kind. I am not really, I think that I do have an affinity with the outdoors and those that dwell there. And I love to work out there, I can spend hours in the garden and lose track of time. I tractor mowed the grass today, trimmed and cleared a hedge.....weeded the troughs, cut back an elder and finally trimmed all around the Gunnera.....everything seems to have grown like crazy in the bog garden since we had the heavy rainfall.

Dawny P said...

Sounds like a perfect summer evening Cheryl. Gorgoeus pictures as always. Have a lovely week xxx

Cheryl said...

Tks Dawny.....hope your week is a good one, tks for dropping by.

Libbys Blog said...

I was sat reading your blog when my daughter came to see what I was up too. We read it together and she is amazed at the size of your garden, in fact to be honets, we both are and a little bit jealous too!!!
Do you have a sit on lawn mower? My daughter wants to know if she could have a go!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Libby.....yes I do have a sit on mower. In fact I have just got a new one that mulches the grass cutting back into the lawn. Getting rid of them before has been a nightmare. There is only so much you can compost.
I would love your daughter to have a go.....I already have the grandchildren in training, they sit on it with me at the moment.
A garden this size looks great in theory but I am not joking when I say the work is continuous. I have aches in places that I never knew I had!!!!

Rose said...

The bee in flight is a fantastic photo. I appreciate your photography skills more and more, Cheryl, as I try to capture birds and insects. I did get a picture of a honeybee yesterday, only because he was sipping on a flower perched at my feet! I'll post it sometime along with my blurry dragonfly (not a damselfly after all).

Love all your white flowers, but especially the astilbe. I have trouble with these, because they do like damp soil, though maybe this year they'll do well for me with all our water.

Zvrk said...

Weren't we blessed with glorious weather on Sunday and today aswell.
You really enjoyed taking photos of your flowers.
Love your white foxglove!Is there a chance that she might cross with different colour or they stay true to their colour ?
You are right about big gardens ,neverending story. I sometimes wish our garden is smaller (but then we wouldn't have all this peace and quiet)because there is always one part of the garden which is messy or needs to be sorted!

Leanne said...

gorgeous photos again, i love that bumblebee in flight, what a magic thing to capture!

leanne x

Cheryl said...

Hello Rose....I agree photography is not simple but I think the answer is to persevere.
I love the bee in flight, it was a challenge, and I must admit I didn't find it simple.
I find my astilbe like a bit of shade to, as well as the damp.

Cheryl said...

Hi Zvrk.....there is a chance the foxglove will cross pollenate, but this can be interesting to. But I do like the white best.
I to sometimes wish my space was smaller, it is a constant battle, is it not??
But you are right when you say we would not have the peace and quiet. In this busy world I need my quiet!!!!Happy sunny days to you.

Cheryl said...

Tku Leanne...I was pleased to get this shot.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your site is delightful. Loved seeing your birds! I try to provide a habitat for birds and wildlife here also.

The dark foxglove is wonderful. I don't have great luck with foxglove, but I would try that dark one if I could find it. I have one lone white with pink throat left out of the many I've sewn.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose and lilacs....foxglove grow wild here, you often see them along roadsides......I love them all because the bees adore them.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I fixed a cup of tea and came to visit this afternoon. So very beautiful.
I close my eyes, I can almost hear your bees and your birds....Chaffinch is lovely.
I can almost smell the sweet scents and feel the breeze on my checks.
I take turns growing different flowers and herbs. I once grew borage for my sister. I put huge stalks in her attic to ward off silver fish. Seeing your borage reminded me of those long ago days and my sister, who passed in 2000.
She was so afraid of bugs! I love them.
Sitting with you in your garden has been a delight. It is beautiful here with you.
Thank you.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry........thank you for visiting the garden, it was good to have you here.

Borage evoked a memory of your dear have had such sadness in your life Sherry. Yet you have learned so much from it. I respect that very much.

I to love bugs, they are always a joy to find in the garden.

Take care Sherry...

Best wishes always.

Grand Life said...

Your photo's are beautiful. We are still have occasional snow here in the mountains. Have a great week.

Cheryl said...

Hi Judy....Snow and mountains, so is so flat where I live and very lush at the moment.... enjoy your time in the cabin.....

Wendy said...

What a lovely post, Cheryl. It fills me with peace. I can just see you sitting on your porch or garden chair, drinking in the last warmth of the day.
Your photos are lovely. I do enjoy them. Never did I think of freezing borage and putting it in a drink. What a good idea.
Have a wonderful week - happy gardening to you.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy always a pleasure to hear from you....
When the weather permits my husband and I always like to sit together in the garden. It is peaceful here.....but I think that is because my soul is at one with my garden and It reflects in the photographs.
Borage looks so pretty in a drink. I just pick fresh flowers and put them in the ice trays and fill with water, then freeze. Very simple but effective.
Hope you are well and that hubby is not finding the hot weather too much for his condition.
Best wishes.

ladyluz said...

Hi Cheryl, tried to leave a comment here a couple of days ago but my connection is wonky these days. So here's another go to remark on how teeming with life everything is in your garden, so beautiful and so tranquil.

I do love popping over to the English countryside.

Cheryl said...

Always a pleasure ladyluz....and thank you for your lovely comments.