Thursday, 8 November 2007

Beautiful Butterflies.

Took this photograph about two years ago, I believe it to be the Argus Brown. It stayed on the butterfly bush for ages. Unfortunately I have never seen another one in the garden. I get quite a few common blues though, they are so pretty and fragfile looking. Due to the rainy summer it has been a bad year for bees and butterflies. Has anyone else found that numbers are down? I have put several butterfly boxes up around the garden.....don't really know if they help or not. Also have a large patch of stinging nettles, so I do get a lot of peacock and red admirals. In fact I saw a peacock butterfly on the patio two days ago. It was a bright sunny day so that is what brought him out. Its quite remarkable how something so small can bring a smile to your face.
Quote: Life begins the day you start a garden. Chinese Proverb.

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Michelle said...

Love the photos mum. Hope your new blog inspires people to look after the precious little things in our world. You have created a real haven for them. I am so very proud of you and what you stand for.
Love always,