Tuesday, 13 November 2007

My daily visitors

We have several large ponds in the area so we often have visits from ducks etc to the garden. In the hot and long summer of 2006 the mummy moorhen would bring her chicks to feed everyday. Once they had grown quite large she became quite possessive of the food as you can see from the photo. All chicks survived and went their different ways and I am sorry to say none have visited since! It has been a hard few days in the garden this week. We have a railway that runs along the back of the garden and one Sunday morning men arrived and felled 10 large oaks that stood the other side of our fencing. I was absolutely devastated and this week have decided to prepare the ground and plant more trees to compensate for the huge loss of the oaks. In this day and age when the environment is top of the agenda I fail to see how these people can justify felling these beautiful old trees. They were not unstable and as far as I could see were causing no problem at all. My garden has been full of dead and dying ladybirds which were probably overwintering in them. Thank you network rail for making me feel absolutely miserable!

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