Thursday, 29 November 2007

Leaves, glorious leaves.

Time to introduce you to Nella. This was taken last week, think she got bored with leaf clearing and made herself comfortable on a pile in the corner! My Dad came round to help me. We have lots of trees, so therefore lots of leaves. We bagged 15 large sacks, which I shall let rot down into that lovely smelly leaf mould. Every true gardeners dream. Dads 80 and a grand old chap, I only have to ask for help and he's there. Thanks Dad. My little grand daughter came yesterday and we tried to catch the last of the leaves floating down from an old oak. It was fun, we didn't catch any but we did laugh lots. Thanks my darling for making Nanna smile. Do leave some of your leaves around for the little creatures to hide under. Quote: What was paradise but a garden.

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