Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reed Buntings........

Reed buntings have been feeding alongside sparrows for the last two months.
I managed to get two very poor photographs today but I am really pleased because now I have a visual record of them. I love the male reed buntings white collar, moustachial streak and black head. I am smitten......they are such a sweet pair.
The female will build her nest in a tussock of rush or among dense vegetation close to the ground. The river is only a mile away. Maybe they will bring their young to the garden. I live in hope.
I shall be using 'Sanctuary' as a wildlife diary.......I need to keep a more accurate record of the creatures that frequent the garden. You are more than welcome to visit and leave a comment if you so desire.
Take time to smell the flowers will be used to show the progress in the garden and the flowers that bloom there.