Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday safari

Sunday safari can now be found here :)

Sunday 29 April 2012

Sunday safari.

Mallards are frequent visitors to the garden.   This poor female, has been chased around by so many suitors during the past week, she often comes to the garden for a little peace and quiet.
When I fed her this morning I noticed she had difficulty walking.     She seems to have a problem with her right leg.      Nella has been confined to the front garden......for the mallards safety.

I am a little concerned for her as we have a family of stoats in the garden at the moment.
Hopefully she will fly away to one of the natural ponds, and find some sanctuary there.

It is still raining...........I think I am starting to grow webbed feet :)

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday 11 March 2012

Sunday safari

 I am so pleased with the spring meadow beneath the old apple tree.     It has worked well.    I can see I shall add bulbs to this area each autumn :)
 'Harvington double pink has just come into bloom.   Her flowers are more upright than other hellebores.
 Rooks have been busy.........
 The rookery needed extensive repairs.     The breeding season is in full swing.
And finally.......I believe these are little gulls ?     Getting ready to leave our shores.    They fly over the garden each day, calling as they go.      They have been feeding in the field opposite the house.     I shall miss them........

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday safari

You do not need a large water feature or pond to attract wildlife.    Ten years ago I bought an oak barrel, filled it with water and planted up.    I did not realise but two species of native snails were brought in on the plants.   One was the Great pond snail, the other the Great ramshorn snail.     They have grown in numbers and there is now a small colony.
This feature is also used by the birds.   A small branch placed in the appropriate place allows them to drink.
Correct planting keeps the water clear and healthy.
A nice addition to any garden.

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunday safari

 The snow arrived as forecast.   Too much snow for my liking......I do not like snow :(

 Plenty of bird activity in the garden this morning.   Pied Wagtails are present all year.    They often bring their babies to feed during the summer months.
I do not know why but these little birds always make me smile :)

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday 29 January 2012

Sunday safari

My ears ache.    The wind feels as though it may just slice me in half.    Lying water has turned to ice.
And yet, that does not take away the magic and wonderment of it all.     Winter is bird time.
Whilst bees and butterflies sleep, birds come to the fore.
For each one I see, I am reminded this is not my garden.   It is communal, shared with any creature that chooses to live here

Sweet robin amongst the honeysuckle twigs.   He has been singing to his sweetheart.   Spring is but a heartbeat away.

However high a bird may soar, it seeks its food on earth...........
Danish proverb.

Happy Sunday safari.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Bee visits.....

 Whilst working in the garden today, I noticed a queen bee on the heather.     Woken from her slumber due to mild weather, nectar was on her mind.
 There are plenty of blooms around.     I know I often speak of the joys of Mahonia but it really is one of the most beautiful shrubs you can have in a winter garden.   The bright yellow blooms bring light on dark days and the perfume is sweet and intoxicating.    There were several honeys bees amongst the flowers today.
Primroses surround the old apple tree, making a pretty scene.    Thinking that Spring has arrived they are blooming away merrily.

What a strange year it has garden seems to be in a state of confusion.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Sunday safari

 The grey heron flies over the garden most days.     He even visits the pond in hope of finding something to eat.
 I am so lucky to live near a river and be so close to these beautiful birds.
As he flew over my head, I was fortunate to get an image.   It is not perfect by any means, but it does show his lovely wing structure.    I also love the pattern of his breast feathers........

Happy Sunday safari............

Sunday 9 October 2011

Sunday safari....Small copper.

 The Small copper lives for a month.
 She lays her eggs on sorrel and dock.    I have both in the garden.
I live in hope that she will use the plants :0)

Happy Sunday safari.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Sunday safari

 My father gave me this Aster a few years ago.   He could not remember her name.   She looks beautiful covered in morning dew.
 When a butterfly visits, the flower fades away.    The beauty and fragility of the butterfly is all that I see.
Some of our butterflies are in decline......they need our help.      They cannot ask, but I can, on their behalf.   
It does not matter how large or small a garden is, we can all do something to help them.
Here are some of the  plants much loved by butterflies:-

Verbena Bonarienses
Hemp Agrimony
Sweet Rocket

And perhaps, if you really want to help, you could plant their host plants.    Nettles (I know, we gardeners do not like nettles) but they are the host plant for many of our butterflies.
I understand you do not want them in your borders,  but a pot of nettles in full sun could make such a difference.   Wouldn't it be wonderful if gardeners across the UK put a pot of nettles in their garden :)

I do so hope you are enjoying this unusually warm October......

Happy Sunday safari