Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday safari

For the moment, winter has lost her grip on the garden. I am beginning to see things more clearly.

My journey with the garden is an unknown path. I am a dreamer by nature, I have dreams.

With time, I shall put my dreams in place, and live with the rabbits in peace and harmony.

To my way of thinking, a garden is about enjoyment, being at one with nature, somewhere to go to take away the stress that enters our lives.
I am learning, I am growing, I am thinking differently.

I am looking forward....looking forward to mid-summer and seeing the garden before me.
I am appreciating the little things.....sometimes we pass them by.

They come but for a fleeting is good to stand and stare.

Life in the garden, is all that is good.......

Who am I to judge what can and can't reside here.......

Happy Sunday safari......

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rabbits and flowery meads.

Limiting myself to plants disliked by rabbits is no easy task. I went to a 'new to me' nursery many times did I pick up a plant, only to put it back. None-the-less I am determined to make this work........rabbits and me in the garden living happily together.
I have decided to have flowery meads around all large trees in the garden. Today I added plants to the area around the old apple tree.....spring flowers.

woodland primroses.......

spring snowflake.......
puschkinia scilloides........I have also added native ferns. Many of these plants were used during the medieval period.
Tomorrow I shall remove the turf and plant around the maple tree. Poppi and Riley's meadow........camomile, creeping thyme, and alpine strawberries. At the height of summer can you imagine my two little grand-children sitting amongst the camomile and thyme picking tiny alpine strawberries.......
If you have a moment would you like to come and see what I found by chance today. Please shut the gate behind you.
This sweet hellebore is blooming by the entrance to the warren. I really can't believe you think the rabbits have taken up gardening as a hobby!!!
BTW Nella has caught several rabbits during the last few weeks. I also have a fox visiting. Numbers are dropping slowly........

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday safari

Empty snail shells dot the garden........I think Poppi may have had something to do with the location of this one.
' In a Unicorn's Garden' has inspired me. I am planning a flowery mead. Viola's will play a large part.

Lady's Modesty, Humility or Sweet Violets......

The violet has long been a symbol of modesty.
According to legend, the violet drooped its head in sadness when the shadow of the cross fell upon it.
I have waited two years for the white forsythia to bloom. The perfume is wonderful, suddenly two years does not seem like a long time.
Euphorbia amygdaloides Robbiae is a new addition to the garden. I am making many changes to the planting. I do so with hesitation......I am changing all that I am familiar with. Yet I feel excited because I have a clear picture in my mind.....but will the end result be as I would like? I remember someone saying to me many years ago....A garden should never stand still.
Daffs are in bloom all around the garden. Lifting ones spirit.....
Bumbles arrived today.......five queen bees visited the Mahonia. I know I have said it many times but I would not be without these shrubs in the garden. I have five in total, all placed in different situations. One is always in bloom......from November till April. Perfect for those waking bees.......
Thank you Liz for this wonderful book....'Dream Plants for the Natural Garden' by Henk Gerritsen and Piet Oudolf. I am dreaming of things to come. I am inspired........I am so looking forward to a long hot summer. I have much to do. How about you?? Happy Sunday safari....

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring flowers and special thanks.......

It was good to be walking the gardens..........sunshine and 14C (59F). A virus for the last few weeks has left me tired and lacking enthusiasm. Hopefully I am now on the mend and can get out in the garden, I have much to do.
The first daffodil is always a joy...........the smaller varieties always a favourite of mine.

The one hellebore the rabbits did not eat is now in full bloom. I am hoping the others will come back in time, I have a feeling they will.
Primroses bring sweet memories. They take me back to Nannie and Gramps......their lovely orchard was covered in these pretty flowers.
I was pleasantly surprised to see many of the snowdrops still in bloom.......the hard winter appears to have extended their season.
Catkins are tossed in the breeze and always make a pretty scene.
And finally a thank you to Beckie and Rose. The birthday gifts are so appreciated, especially the bee pin and the purple prairie clover seeds. You are both kindness itself.

Also a thank you to Sherry. What can I say, such beautiful gifts. I am inspired by 'In a Unicorn's garden' (recreating the mystery and magic of medieval gardens.) I have many thoughts going around in my head and once better intend to make many changes in the garden. I can almost feel the sap rising.

I hope that you are all well and in the next few days will try and catch up with you and your lovely blogs........