Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Oh no their back......rabbits!

Happy New Year to you all. Stewart(my husband) and I went away for a few days after Christmas. I always find it a bit difficult leaving my garden, I think a my soul belongs here, in saying that I had a lovely time and now feel thoroughly refreshed. With Nella being in kennels the rabbits had a grand old time. My lovely lavender plants have all had their tops munched and there is lots of digging around the roots of the conifer trees. I can imagine them charging around thinking "that rotten dogs gone, we will show her". Well rabbits Nella is around again so watch your backs!!!!! There must have been strong winds while we were away as the crack willow in the copse had started to come down. Stewarts great with a chain saw, so he removed some of the heavy canopy and a huge part of the trunk.. I don't really like noisy equipment in the garden as it really frightens the wildlife, but the tree was becoming dangerous so it had to be. In the photo you can see a little of our work. The ivy that is hanging down has a drey in it, so there is now a homeless squirrel wandering the countryside. Poor little chap. Mind you they are resilient creatures, am sure he will be fine. Quote:As Rosemary is to the spirit, lavender is to the soul.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I love all your quotes at the end of your posts . . . you are teaching me so much!
The old saying about spiders was nice too!
Your pal, Becky