Friday, 2 May 2008

The old girl and garden visits.

As you can see from my header the old apple tree is in full blossom. The photo does not do her justice but you can see how she is covered in blooms. With a trunk like hers did she not star in Lord of the Rings? She is the original ENT! I have uploaded a close up of the blossom so that you can see how pretty she is. The bees will find her now and I am sure I will have a healthy crop of Blenheim Orange Apples this year.
A moorhen came to visit today. Aggressive birds but I love them. He looks like he is telling me off for coming into HIS garden. Perhaps he is right!
AND, anyone who read my post of a few weeks ago, horror of horror, the bluetits are nesting in the old pump on the water feature. It is such a tiny space, I just hope they know what they are doing.
Well little Poppi's fairy spell worked. Rain was forecast here but it didn't arrive and the sun has shone for the second day. I told you she was magical.
Have a great weekend blogging pals. I just want to say to all that call by regularly that you really do make my day.


beckie said...

Cheryl, What a lovely tree! So full of character and charm. No wonder you love it so. I have never heard of that type of apple but it sounds interesting. Have the rest of the bees come out? Hope your weekend is great and the 'spell' keeps working.

Chris said...

I do love apple blossom :-) Rain here today but we have high hopes for the weekend!

Hedgewitch said...

your apple tree is full blossom is just stunning! have been looking forward to this post :-)

just beautiful (and very Ent-like, I agree)!

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie...yes the bees are all out except two tubes. This does sometimes happen, they don't always survive.
I have bees everywhere, hundreds of them. Most people would not know they where there. They don't bother you at all.

Hi Chris....Apple blossom is lovely. Hope the rain disappears.

Hi Hedgewitch....the photo really does not do her justice. I tried and tried to get a decent one.
She is an enormous tree, quite amazing. She is so very ent like.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your apple tree is a beauty in her spring frock.

I didn't know that moorhens were aggressive. He sure is handsome.

Have a nice weekend yourself...

Cheryl said...

Hi Lisa....I have found them to be aggressive, especially when the young are around. I like them though, I let them do their own thing here.

Rose said...

Cheryl, What an amazing tree--I've never seen one like it! I agree, it could easily have been in Lord of the Rings.
What is a moorhen? Are they wild?
Glad the sun is finally shining on you; have a good weekend!

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose, she is an unusual tree, there aren't many like her these days.
You can see the photo of the moorhen on the post. Yes they are wild and visit the garden frequently.

Wendy said...

Orange apple? Sounds interesting. What does it taste like - an orange or an apple? Or both?
Loved, loved that pic of your apple tree - you do take such lovely pictures. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us in blogland.
Ah, yes, your little faerie's magic spell worked. And you doubted her?? LOL!
Oh, by the way - what is ENT? Ear, nose and throat? Sorry, I come from a medical family.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy...the tree is a blenheim orange....but it is an apple tree. The fruits turn a lovely reddy orange when ripe and are very sweet. You can eat them straight from the tree or cook them for pies etc.

An ENT is a tree that came alive in Lord of the Rings. I am a great fan of the books.

Tks for dropping by.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
She is a lovely old tree. I agree, she looks to be an Ent. Do you picnic under her? I can imagine laying under her in the summer. It would a grand spot for dreaming and watching the clouds.
So happy to hear the bees are out.
I still am waiting for some to find my nesting box. Our apple trees are also in bloom.
Your Moorhen is very handsome.
Your Granddaughter IS magical.
I bet she love the Apple tree too.
Have a happy weekend.
Bird songs and butterfly wings,

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry....Poppi hugs the tree. I tell her the tree will give her strength. I do sit under the tree in summer, I let the grass grow long there. I have some wild flowers under her, so it is always pretty.
I am sure your bees will come soon, perhaps they are not ready to use your box yet.
Hope the weather has improved and that damage was to a minimum.

Dawny P said...

I dont believe it Cheryl - I had a few days off from the blogging and I missed your dear old lady header!!! That will teach me!! Never mind, I can see her trunk in this post. She looks splendid with all her 'wrinkles'. They are just like us I think - the older they get the more interesting they become. And I am going to have to borrow Poppi to come up here and do us some spells - it has been quite grey and yesterday, although the sun tried to shine, it was really windy. That said, there is a tree in the wood next to our garden and a few day ago it was bare branches - now it is full of leaves and greenery. It was practcially overnight - how amazing. One of these days I will take some photos for you of things around here and post them for you to see xx

Cheryl said...

She is a splendid old lady, warts and all. We all improve with age I think, like a bottle of red wine.
Look forward to your tree photos. Always pleased to see trees and your lovely birds.