Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tuesdays wanderings.

After a wet weekend the garden has a new lease of life, everything seems to have shot up. The old apple tree fruits are coming on well. Yummmy!
Granny's bonnet is still surprising me with colourful blooms
My favourite fern has finally emerged.......Japanese Red Shield Fern.....I love the colour.
I know, I know, its another bee and foxglove but I just love these two together.
I love the way they use their legs to cling to a flower.
My pink lupin looks as though something has had lunch....this is the first time its flowered in two years.
Lady's Mantle and raindrops another match made in heaven.
The hostas are still doing well and I can see some buds in there.
My beautiful Redwood has just come into leaf....I love this tree.
This is a lovely honeysuckle, the colour is stunning.

This little hoverfly was covered in pollen, he had been having a good time somewhere.
This is the male scorpionfly.....please note the tail.
Greenfinches looking for seeds in the grass. Poor shot I know but taken from the house.
The beautiful cream-spot tiger moth. When she open her wings there is a deep yellow...this warns any predators that she is poisonous.
I can't grow Roses here due to the rabbits. When we moved I planted many...only to lose all but two. They went into tubs, this is one of them. When this opens it is quite stunning.....it looks really old fashioned. The bloom being red and pale green. I can't remember where it came from but I have never seen another one.
Each day I allow myself ten minutes to get as many photographs as I can for a post. As with many bloggers time is precious and we all lead such busy lives. Those ten minutes give me such pleasure. To wander around my garden just looking for those little things, is the boost I need to start my day. Thank you to everyone that visits regularly.....and the comments you leave. That also gives me a lift, knowing that you enjoy, what I upload. I particularly want to thank Beckie, Rose and Lisa who rarely miss a post and always leave a comment. You are such good blogging buddies.


Rose said...

Cheryl, You're welcome. You know I come here because I enjoy your photos and thoughts about all aspects of nature, not just flowers. I have been trying to think what these pictures remind me of, and today I thought of it--Thoreau! I was thinking of him watching the ants when I looked at your bees pollinating. Though I don't know if you'd go as far as going to jail to protest an unfair tax:)

Thanks for sharing your secret on getting so many interesting photographs. But I think it takes a special eye to notice all the small wonders that you find.

(Good luck with i.d.'ing the moth; I'm no help there.)

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Hi Rose Thank you for such a great compliment....I indeed have a lot in common with Thoreau.....I to tend to be solitary, I am happy in the world of nature. And strangely I have planted enough trees in this garden that one day it will be a wood. Not in my time of course. The creatures in my garden seem to hold me in their grip, I can't wait to go out and find them. It is for me a wonderful journey.
Going to jail is another matter, we do not have that in common. I cherish my freedom too much.

A Gardener At Larrapin said...

Hello again! I was at my desk (watching a cute chipmunk clean up under the birdfeeder -- all while supposed to be working on a writing deadline...) and feeling a little grumpy when I decided to visit. As always, I feel uplifted by your attention to detail an the celebration of the living Earth I find at your blog! I think it's great creative idea to have a regular date with your your camera and your garden. Obviously it leads to great things. Bravo. Keep up the great work.

Cheryl said...
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beckie said...

Cheryl, thank you. You were one of the first I felt a kinship with and will always enjoy visiting with you. You have such an eye for great photos ans show us what I'm sure we would otherwise miss. It is also enjoyable to read from one who loves all of nature as you do. Keep up the "good work' of reminding us to protect and serve nature.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like all of your bee pictures Cheryl. Keep em coming.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I love your ten minutes of photo time in the garden. You see so many lovely critters in only ten minutes. Always the bees are a thrill to watch. I love seeing your foxgloves and bees. I do not grow foxgloves any more so seeing yours is nice, The other bugs are beautiful too! Your gardens are full of beauty. I too love the rain drops on Lady's Mantel. Very beautiful. The pink and green rose in full bloom, sounds as if it is very lovely, the bud is!
Always a delight to see your birds.
Thank you for taking me on a lovely garden walk.

Cheryl said...

Thank you Beckie for your lovely comments to. I agree I think you and I will always be friends.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Lisa...its nice to get feed back.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry.....I love foxgloves, probably a bit too much. They are reseeding everywhere....but if you like them does it matter?
I love to see other peoples gardens, it good to share our thoughts and experiences.
Tku for dropping by.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact you captured Greenfinches from the house they look CUTE! Sometimes birds' 'faces' make me smile for they look so antropomorphic.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That were 10 minutes well spent Cheryl! Love the pics and how wonderful to see so much wildlife in your garden.

May rain is a blessing for the garden, don't you think? After the rain it seems that everything is at least twice as big as it was before the rain. I'm glad to say that we've had some juicy May rain too and how the garden needed it!

Now you've made me very curious about that rose, such an unusual colour combination.

BTW love that fern, such a wonderful colour!

Cheryl said...

Hello Aluajala....I know what you mean about birds faces, they sometimes make me smile to.

Hi Yolanda....
I will upload pic of the Rose when she opens.
Yes May rain is a blessing.....the garden has shot up, it seems to have grown overnight.

I love the fern to.

Tku for dropping by.