Thursday, 22 May 2008

Poppies, blooms and Damselflies.

Californian Poppies are an absolute favourite of mine.........
a mini meadow of sunshine.......
its hot and humid today, the damselflies came to soak up the sun and hunt amongst the sedges.
I watched them for ten minutes trying to catch small insects.
They are so mini sculptures, exquisite.
This is a Teasel stem. Wonderful wildlife plant. Bees love the bloom, Goldfinch love the seed and little insects or creatures can take a drink from these cups that gather along the stem.
Nicotiana gives a beautiful fragrance at night, this attracts moths......and my bats have a good supper.
The Alliums leave me speechless....they get better each time I look at them.
Fox and cubs a delightful little wildflower.
And lastly for me the true Californian Poppy....bright, bold, colourful and a bloom that never fails to life my spirit. Have a bright and sunny weekend and happy gardening.


beckie said...

The damselfies are wonderful! So delicate. You really have a lot of pretty poppies, and I love the naturalized look. The poppy seeds you sent me are growing,too slowly for me as I can't wait to see them bloom.

Michelle said...

Gosh mum, your photos are just stunning. Your header is superb!!Nothing escapes your eyes, you see the tiniest of creatures and look after them. It is just fantastic. I am very proud of what you do.
I was reading your tag - remember that tuk tuk ride?..... hehe what fun.
Love you,

Cheryl said...

Patience patience Beckie....everything comes to those who wait.

Glad you like the damselflies.

Hello lovely

Glad you are enjoying the photos..... how could I forget the tuk tuk ride!!!!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Your Damsel photos are fantastic!
They are beautiful bugs!!!
ALl of your poppies and flowers are lovely...
I have never grown teasel or alluims. I shall do some research as both seem to be ths sort of plant that would go well in my gardens.
Thank you for an uplifting and beautiful post.
I went back twice to look at your beautiful Damsels...I think I will pop back and look again.

Cheryl said...

The damselflies totally captivated me this afternoon. Watching them hunt amongst the sedges was quite magical. When they fly they look like fairies....little Poppi thinks they are.
Alliums like lots of sun and can stand dry conditions Sherry....the Teasels like damp soil but will tolerate it dry. They have the most beautiful seedheads.

Thank you for dropping in.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Cheryl - sorry you've not heard much from me recently - I've really missed all the blogging but there are only so many hours in the day!! Love all your recent pictures - we have so many similar plants in our gardens - even the gorgeous Californian Poppy!

I've at last done a couple of new posts - including one with reference to your blog!

Happy gardening and will visit again soon - Miranda

Rose said...

The damselflies are just exquisite. I am going to have to really look for them this summer.
Your poppies are gorgeous; I've seen some blooming around here lately. This is another flower I don't have and now want to add to my garden. (My list is getting too long!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Damselflies are so pretty especially in your photos. I also love California Poppies. I wish I could get them to grow. I have tried. Maybe next year. Sigh~~

Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda....I always pop over to see if you have written a post. I know your life is hectic, as you say there is only so much one can do in a day.
Will pop over and thank you for the mention you are very kind.

Happy gardening and well wishes.

Cheryl said...

Rose and Lisa....yes we see other peoples gardens on their blogs and our list for additions gets longer.

Have a great weekend.

Libbys Blog said...

I have just got to get some of those alliums. They are gorgeous, as are the rest of the flowers, such cheerful colours!

Cheryl said...

Yes summers coming Libby....give me a bit of a tingle....lovely time of year everything explodes.