Thursday, 15 May 2008

Rainy Thursday and a quick update.

The arches are covered in growth, the clematis rubra is in flower. When established blackbirds and thrushes may nest amongst the tangled stems.
Another arch, honeysuckle adorns this one. This plant is good for moths, a useful source of food for the bats in the loft.

The woodland walk is changeing colour. Reds are starting to appear. Soon the shrubs will be in flower.

The copse is now quite dense and a great hideaway for the smaller creatures and birds.

It was full of bees this morning......the lamium their main source of interest.

Conifers and Elder give splashes of colour everywhere.

I planted this hedge two years ago. It contains hawthorn, rosa rugosa, hornbeam, rosa canina and clematis. A wonderful source of winter food for the birds. The bees of course will love the flowers.
On a sad note the Dunnock that was sitting on four eggs, has had her nest destroyed and the eggs removed. I fear a squirrel or weasel may be the culprit. I must say I am no great lover of the grey squirrel. The red, our native, is a different matter. They are now in decline and only survive in a few areas. The greys have slowly taken over their territories. I would not object to a HUMANE cull of the greys to give our beautiful red squirrel a fighting chance.
Well thats it for today.................have a fun weekend and happy gardening.


Rose said...

I would love to spend a day walking around your garden, Cheryl!
Although we have gray squirrels, too, they don't come too close to the house, probably because of the cats. I didn't realize they would bother birds' nests.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose.....We have so many greys and they are not native to our Isles. They take eggs and fledglings from the nest. I don't like hurting anything as you know but they are becoming more than a nuisance.
If you lived closer Rose you would be more than welcome to come and have a cup of tea.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Cheryl your place is a wildlife sanctuary!!
I just love to come visit..
smiles to you..Deena

Cheryl said...

Hi Deena, It is hardwork, and I garden in all weather conditions but I am determined to create a haven for the wildlife that I love.
Tku so much for dropping by.
Thinking of you.

Meems said...

Cheryl: What a wonderful place you have created... it is truly meant for the wildlife and looks to be a sanctuary where I would love to spend some time. How many hours a week does it take for you to keep up? It is really lovely.
Like your new header photo too.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Cheryl said...

Hi Meems....It takes around forty hours a week in spring and summer. The autumn is not too bad as I leave a lot of the pruning etc until the spring. This gives the wildlife some protection during harsh winters.
I enjoy the work and will continue to do it for as long as I can.
I took the header photo a few years ago. The strawberries are alpines and are really sweet and juicy. My grandchildren love them.

ladyluz said...

Hi Cheryl, It's hard to believe that not so long ago you were under snow. And look - all that green, lush beauty in your garden now. I love your archway.

Happy gardening and moments of peace out there.

Naturegirl said...

Everything is so lush and green! Oh how wonderful to see a bee!!!
buzzzzzzing around my garden NG

Cheryl said...

Tku are very kind.

Cheryl said...

Bees are just so beautiful, NG.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I am so sorry to hear the Dunnock's nest was destroyed. I do hope she will nest again and be successful. It is frustrating to see non-native species take over! In the U.S. we have trouble with the House Sparrows and the Starlings.
Your gardens look to be a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife and a place one's soul would find peace. You have so many beautiful flowers and shrubs and trees. My favorite are all your bees!
Thank you for sharing your corner of heaven.

rusty in miami said...

There is so much color in your garden and it looks so lush. We are having a problem with bees over here. They are mysteriously disappearing, this year you can tell.

Cheryl said...

Thank you Sherry ...I to hope the Dunnock will nest again, she is such a sweet bird.
Yes it is sad when non native species take over, and you lose your own precious wildlife.
I suspose at the end of the day though it is mans fault....after all he brought him to our Isles...he certainly didn't swim! lol

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty...the bees are disappearing worldwide. Bee keepers are also losing theirs, I believe it is a parasite that is the problem.
I think we all need to help the bees in anyway we can.
Tku for dropping by.

Dawny P said...

I have missed the serenity of your blog Cheryl while I have been dashing here there and everywhere!!! Just had a look through your posts and what a lot I have missed - and all of it completely fabulous.

You are right to be proud of your woodland walk cos it will still be there in all its natural beauty long after we have all gone. I think that is the most wonderful legacy you have left.

Your doggie is just the cutest isnt she. I bet Riley and Poppi adore her. And I dont know who came up with that expression about having a dogs life cos most of the dogs I know have a brilliant life!!

The grey squirrels are a complete pest, I agree. They are vermin. I can remember going for walks with my parents through a forest near here as a child and we used to see quite a few red squirrels. You would not belive it but one of our birds years ago had a very nasty leg injury years ago, having been bitten by a grey. It cost is an absolute fortune to get it sorted, not to mention the distress it caused the poor hawk. Our wood is full of the little blighters and they break off twigs and branches from the tree and they end up all over our drive. For some reason this really annoys Richard!! Hope all is well xxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny.....nice to hear from you, hope life is not too hectic now.

The greys are a real pest.....we do not have any reds in this part of the world anymore. Sigh.... Sad story about the hawk, lucky it had you and Richard to sort it out.

The children love Polly....... her coat is so soft, it feel like silk.
She goes to have a bath and her coat clipped every five weeks and comes back smelling of lavender. It travels wherever she goes. Lovely.

Hope life is treating you kindly, I always pop over to your blog to see if you have posted. Will drop by tonight, just going to plant some clematis. Well |I would, wouldn't I?

Hedgewitch said...

hi Cheryl, you know I saw a thing on the news last week about a new 'black' squirrel which is doing to the grey squirrel population what the IT did to the red?

I haven't seen any of these new squirrels, all the ones you see in London (there are very many!) are big and fat and grey.

We have a resident one who we have named Roy and he is a menace on the birdfeeders and likes to dig in my pots.. but we have kind of come to an accomodation with him.

I didn't realise they would take eggs and baby birds. That's so sad about the dunnocks :-(

Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch.....Have not heard about this black squirrel.....where did it come from, do you know????

Yes you do get attached to them I agree, I couldn't hurt one personally, it is not in my nature.
But its the effect they have on the bird population that concerns me, especially when their numbers get out of control.

Have a good weekend.

TheCrone said...

Cheryl, I found you via Naturewitch and want to thank you for your gorgeous pics on your blog! I spent the first 11 years of my life in Kent and still dream of the gorgeous gardens I was surrounded by.

I miss squirrels! (I also miss Vimto and Twiglets but that's a whole 'nother topic ;) )

Cheryl said...

Hi Crone Tks for dropping would see some big changes in Kent, we are a little overcrowded these days. There are still pockets of immense beauty, long may they live.

Hedgewitch said...

cheryl, I found the news report for you ..

think you'll find it interesting!