Wednesday, 27 February 2008


This tiny flower is such a beauty. Whenever I see one it is pure joy to me. I have three out at the moment and count myself lucky. The reason I say this is that rabbits love them, with the warren in the garden ,what chance do I stand of keeping them until they finish flowering. So every day I will visit them and treasure the moment.


beckie said...

Cheryl, I would build a fence around these! Aren't the wonderful.

By the way...what is a warren? A rabbits nest? But what does it look like and what is its' purpose.
I'll bet you think I am really dumb!

beckie said...

PS... A copse? I am dumb!

Dawny P said...

Your blog is such a nice peaceful place to visit Cheryl. It's just soooo relaxing looking at all of your wonderful pictures cos they are all quite stunning. You are a fantastic photographer - I couldn't pick my favourite if I tried. Thanks for the tip re the virus by the way. I moderate my comments now after Michelle's 'incident' but I will be on the look out for any weird messages lol xxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie
They are wonderful, aren't they.
A warren is a rabbits home. It consists of underground tunnels, leasding to a huge space where the rabbits live and breed.
I do not think you are dumb at all, Beckie.
A copse is a very small wood, a collection of trees in a small place.

Hi Dawny

You are really kind with the comments you give. I am a bit of an amateur with my camera, its all hit and miss but I have fun. Isn't that how life should be. It is so nice that crafters come and spend time. I really enjoy seeing your posts and seeing how the cards change. Photography, card making, gardening it is all a form of art and I think we can all appreciate each others skills.

kate said...

It's pretty special when you can save some flowers from rabbits (or squirrels, as is the case here). Winter aconites are such beautiful flowers. I love them... I wish they grew here, but they don't seem to survive.

Mary said...

"So every day I will visit them and treasure the moment."
...and you keep your fingers crossed. Those rabbits are cute but have hardy appetites!

Cheryl said...

Hi Kate
Aconites are really difficult to grow. I was never very successful at my previous home but here they seem to like it.

Hi Mary

I must admit the rabbits are a real pain. I have learned to tolerate them. At the moment they have taken most of my lavender and worked their way through the new shoots of my cornflowers. Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!