Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh how this child enhances my life. It was a really lovely day so decided this afternoon that Poppi and I would do some planting. That is after our visit to the fairy garden. She is only two and oh so willing to help and I love my grandchildren being outside in the fresh air. She did plant some but also dug up some plants as well.......and was so proud of her work......and I am so proud of her. In the end she decided to play with her very old cart, that we bought at an old forge. Nella of course was never far away from her, and I gardened happily in a totally blissful world.

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Miranda Bell said...

Hi Cheryl - just discovered your blog through the Wildlife Gardener... you have a lovely "down to earth" style of writing and your garden looks beautiful - infact it looks as if the things in your garden are similar to those over here in Brittany, France. I do some writing for a couple of magazines over here and I must admit that I think people must get put off gardening when so many magazines always seem to make the subject sound so complicated espeically with the endless Latin names (having said that knowing these has made life a great deal easier in France!!) So much of gardening is common sense and going with what you like and if you make mistakes along the way, well there's always a solution! Sorry this was supposed to be a short hello and has ended up being a ramble... but will look forward to visiting your site again... Miranda