Monday, 11 February 2008

Nannas little man.

I've put this photograph on purely for me. It was taken two years ago when my grandson was two. I had just planted the gunnera that year and thought that will grow with him. We had put the bowls out for the hedgehogs that were in the garden at the time. Riley had picked something up and was concentrating on it and I thought how incredibly beautiful he was. It seems such a long time ago now but it is something I will always remember.
Through the eyes of a child.


Terrie B x said...

Oh wow the little blonde bombshell...lovely piccie Cheryl:)x

Michelle said...

Aaw! My little baby boy. Where did those 2 years go mum. You are right when you tell me to cherish these times - they pass so quickly.

Cheryl said...

They do pass quickly, enjoy every minute of every day. I have never regreted being a stay at home Mum and taking care of you and your brother.

Mary said...

He's a beautiful boy!