Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bees and Butterflies.

I hope that you all like my header, I think it says everything about me and how I garden. I took the photograph in the garden last May. As you know the creatures that interest me most are birds, bees and butterflies. I have tried in the last six years to help these creatures thrive, by ensuring their habitat is right in the garden. You will see buttercups in the header, all wild flowers (weeds to others) are welcome here. They allow the bees and butterflies to have a constant supply of nectar and pollen. I also find that wild flowers help moths. I have a lot here but photos are lacking as they mainly fly at night, there are exceptions of course. I have uploaded seven beautiful photographs of some of the bees and butterflies that came last year to share my space. I was honoured that they came.


Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,
That is in deed a lovely header and a lovely space.I just wish that people would realise that this type of gardening is just as colourful as an ordinary garden but a lot more useful to wildlife.
I'm sure between us we can convince a few more.

Cheers Mark

Libbys Blog said...

Oooooo! hurry up summer!!

Michelle said...

Hi Mum,
Love the photos. I especially liked the ones yesterday, on your way home. You have such an appreciation for everything around you.
Hi Mum,
Thanks for always looking at my cards, youre lovely!!!
lol, Its used in so many contexts, isnt it? Anyway it can mean any of these and loads more. Lots of love. Laugh out load. Lots of laughs, Lots of luck. Love of life. Mainly the first 2 though.
lol, lol,
(that stood for, lots of love, laugh out loud by the way)

Mary said...

I can't wait for the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to return! They kept me busy for so many months... I'll be hanging my hummingbird feeders mid-March.

Your photos bring back a lot of memories, Cheryl. Thanks!

Dawny P said...

Hi Cheryl. I love that header - you can smell the fresh air from here!!! And your photos are just beautiful xx

SammieJay said...

Hi there!
Just popped over via Michelle's and Dawny P's blogs and wanted to say how peaceful your photographs made me feel. We live on the shores of Lake Geneva and have made a decision to leave our garden as natural as possible. I am not a gardener and am ashamed not to know the names of some of the beautiful plants that thrive in our "meadow", but I do know that the primroses are out on the banks of our stream in great clusters and before long we'll have violets and cowslips too and it will be like the country lanes in the Norfolk of my childhood -before they dug everything up to make more housing and bypasses....
I love the buzz of bees in our summer haze! Well done for all the good work.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ceryl,Well I absolutly love your Header its fantastic and what a beautiful phot might I say:)
Hope you are wellx