Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Help I'm blogging mad.

Why am I standing in my garden at 7.00a.m. in my dressing gown, with temperatures well below freezing and fog. Yes you have guessed, taking a photo for my blog. Despite the fact that it has damaged the blossom and blackened the new shoots, somehow getting this photograph is paramount. I have become an obsessional blogger, and the word obsessional does not come into my personality. Every moment I get I dash from one blog to another to see what is going on.
So is there anyone out there who can help stop this problem....the trouble is most of you that visit have caused it because I love your blogs so much.


Naturegirl said...

Oh I think I too have the obsession! Always thinking what can I post next!
Sometimes I think we need a break to renew the creative ideas..having said that I do love those early morning photos..I seem to get just the right light!I appreciate your early morning
wakings to catch the right shot!
hugs NG

Cheryl said...

Thank you naturegirl, you blog is one of my severe obsessions. I hold you to blame more than anybody!!!

Dawny P said...

Hi Cheryl I found you through your lovely girlie Michelle who has become on of my blog pals. I love your blog and your photo is stunning - you are so lucky to have such a wonderful garden. I'm a card maker myself but my other half and I love anything to do with the natural world (we breed birds of prey). I understand about the obsession bit as I haven't been blogging for too long but it does sort of get to you. And you meet the nicest people x

Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,
I think we are all a bit mad, as I'm often thinking ...oh that will make an interesting post for the blog.I haven't been out in my dressing gown yet, but their is time.
I'm coming up for a year now and I struggled a bit through the winter but like the plants I'm rearing to go.

Cheers Mark

Miranda Bell said...

Hi again Cheryl... I think we're all a bit like that - looking at things and thinking they'd make an interesting article for your blogsite... I think the only thing that keeps me away is the mountain of work I've got for clients right now and also in our own garden. We bought this place about 5 yrs ago - the garden had been left for an excess of 9 years plus and the woodland for a great deal longer than that.... so you can imagine as well as gardening and designing as a job how much time I get!! Very frustrating sometimes but I am getting there bit by bit I think! Bon blogging! Miranda

Mary said...

Hey, Cheryl. It's in ya, now. No turning back.

We all become obsessed with our blogs because it's so much darn fun! You are not the only goof who find herself outdoors at odd hours of the day. One weeknight a year ago when I should have been in bed, I was outside by the pond with a flashlight and camera taking photos of toads making whoopee.

Chris said...

LOL Please do be careful Cheryl, last year I caught a chest infection and I think it may have been something to do with taking photos of the garden on cold damp mornings in my dressing gown :-) This year I put a coat on over the top - definitely not elegant but much warmer :-) Great pic though!