Sunday, 3 February 2008

My little sanctuary

I took this photograph yesterday. This is the area that is fenced so that my dogs and or people can't enter. I have let is run as natural as I can. All cuttings from the trees and shrubs are put on the wood floor to try and give birds, small mammals, frogs etc plenty of places to hide. This is also where the warren is. I often go and sit on the bench there, it is quiet, peaceful and has a feel that I can't put into words. My dogs ashes are scattered in this area. Four of my old girls, loved and lost. A nice place for them to rest.
On a lighter note, yesterday I saw, a ladybird, a bumble, a lacewing (indoors) and a magpie building a nest. Can anyone top that, I don't think so, and all in my garden. Quote: The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.

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Terrie B x said...

absolutly gorgeous Cheryl...what a beautiful place it looks gorgeous...
Thanks for visiting me..I must say I love your quotes too!!!
I feel a sense of natural peace and quiet time here....mmmmmmmmmm
Hope you are all well:)x