Monday, 25 February 2008

Nature does it best.

This is the trunk of my old apple tree (around eighty years old), what a perfect place for a bird to go in and make its nest. Old and ancient trees are wonderful, for as they decay and die, little holes and hollows appear, making them useful places for many creatures to use.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hello Cheryl. What a gorgeous old tree. This reminds me of a gardening friend that lives in Michigan. I kept asking him what his secret was to such lush blooms etc. He couldn't answer other than usual garden work. Then when we were walking around his garden one day I noticed that there was a hive of bees in an old tree in his garden, much like yours. Those bees were busy busy in and out and alll around his garden. I am sure this was one of the things he had forgotten. Bees must be an intergal part of any successful garden. I encourage all pollinators here. I wish I had a hole in a big ole tree for some bees to take up residence.

Hedgewitch said...

Lovely photo of a wonderful old tree!

I so love reading about your garden :-)