Saturday, 19 January 2008

Christmas Box

What a dream this plant is. Walked the garden today to see if there were any surprises. Suddenly a heavenly scent wafted around me. Low and behold the christmas box had come into flower. Although the flowers are insignificant the smell is intoxicating. In these gloomy winter months I would not be without this little shrub. It has at last stop raining today, it is a bit drear but at least I can get out into the garden. Also Nella the terrible. She like me doesn't do indoors for too long. Managed to divide some ferns today. Wouldn't normally do this in January but it is so mild and the ground is moist, so decided to take a chance. They will be fine I know.
I wish I had a scent key on my laptop, I would love all you non gardeners to smell this divine little flower! Sorry to backtrack but as you have probably realised I can be over the top with my love of plants. Quote: n Wildflowers are the weeds we have learned to love.

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ladyluz said...

what a lovely plant, Cheryl. Such shiny leaves. I also have a plant in my garden whose scent is intoxicating in the evening - the dame de noche.