Wednesday, 16 January 2008


At last the rain has stopped and the big yellow ball is back in a beautiful blue sky. We have has flood warnings all over Kent and the river at the end of our lane has burst its banks. Global warming? Poppies aren't they a delight. Different colours, assorted sizes and spread all over as long as they are happy. I loved this white variety that just appeared. They look so fragile and pure. I collected seeds, so hopefully. Poppies appear everywhere here and that pleases me. I couldn't live without them. I grow a lot of wildflowers here. Weeds to some people but the bees adore them. Some of my other favourites are lesser celandine, herb robert, selfheal, ladies smock and my great grandmothers favourite ragged robin. I get excited just thinking about them, roll on spring. Quote: Flowers feed the soul.


A wildlife gardener said...

What a wonderful garden you have there, Cheryl...a veritable wildlife sanctuary indeed! I enjoy scrolling back to the start of your blog and reading all about the bees, butterflies, ladybirds, pesky rabbits (!) and your two lovely dogs.

Thank you for the email with your very kind words about my blog. I think we are kindred spirits, both of us being so passionate about wildlife and playing our part in trying to help in any way we can.

Happy gardening for 2008 :)

Cheryl said...
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