Sunday, 27 January 2008

Red sky at night......

Took this photograph last night, just as I clicked the crows flew over,it was quite a magical moment. Red sky at night is one of the most reliable weather forecasts. If as the sun sets, the sky glows rosy pink, this signals dry air in the west, from where the next days weather will arrive. And hey ho it is a lovely day here, so it would appear that there is some truth in these old shepherds sayings.
Quote: A little plot, a private place, is ours to dig and cultivate.

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Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,

You are right ,you can't beat clumps of snowdrops this time of year.Perhaps why yours havn't appeared is that they have got to wet and rotted as they are a bulb, or they are just a bit behind and will pop up soon.I suppose it's one of the fun things about gardening,never knowing whats going on.

Cheers Mark