Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wild Strawberries Yum

Doesn't it seem a long time to wait for them, strawberries I love them. I always grow alpine strawberries, they are very similar to the wild ones, little and sweet. I took this photograph two years ago, and managed to catch a honeybee just about to land on one of the strawberries. I think it is a fab photo. Thought I would download this today because it is so miserable out. It had rained on and off all day and has been very windy. I hate it when I can't get out into the garden, I am not an indoor sort of person. I find that being out in the garden more or less every day does keep me fit and healthy. I certainly don't need to go to a gym. For me I can't think of anything worse. I would much rather be digging or pruning etc. We have a clay soil here and a high water table for most of the winter and spring. It does make the soil very hard to work. I have added plenty of compost and grit but it still is a bit of a struggle. I think it takes many years to get your soil right. I will get there one day!

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