Monday, 7 January 2008

Polly Wolly do do

Have been rained off in the garden so thought I would take a moment to introduce you to my other dog. She is a cavalier king charles spaniel and is coming up to 13. She is deaf and has failing sight, also a heart condition. We took Polly in at the age of six, she was a RSPCA dog. She came to us extremely over weight and quite aggressive (due to her deafness I think). With loads of TLC, healthy food, lovely country walks she is now a very happy old dog. Nella was also a rescue dog. There are so many animals that have been ill treated and abandoned out there, I never quite understand why poeople have an animal to mistreat it. I really love my dogs and they are my constant companions. Rescue dogs are hard work but oh so rewarding and do you know something they are always so grateful. I have two very well adjusted and happy dogs now, its a joy to see. Polly does not chase rabbits by the way, why waste all that energy when you can sit in the sun and watch a mad terrier? She has got a passion for windfall apples though, so I have to be religious about clearing the majority. I would have a very bloated dog otherwise! Quote: The more I see of man the more I love my dogs.

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