Monday, 7 January 2008

Spiders Artwork

Took this photograph yesgterday morning. We had another heavy frost and I thought how pretty the spiders web looked. It turned out to be s lovely sunny day so worked in the garden all afternoon pruning fuit trees. Managed to do all of them, just took out the dying and cross over branches. The lapwings are back in the fields opposite, I heard them calling as I went to sleep Saturday night. It is such a gentle sound, hence their common name peewits. Also heard the owl calling. I am gLad he is around as there are a lot of field rats around at the moment. Nella caught one the other day. To be honest they don"t actually worry me, as long as they are away from the house. They generally live for around 18 months as they have many predators. They love composters so have to make sure that everything fits nice and tight. Now that 2008 has arrived have started thinking about planting for the spring. I always try something different every year. Havn"t decided for this year yet. I have the tail end of a cold at the moment. Did you know that a few thyme leaves in boiling water keeps the lungs clear. I drink it every day and use a lot of my plants medicinally. I have been doing this for many years and it really does seem to help when you know what you are doing. Quote: The garden is a mirror of the heart.

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