Saturday, 26 April 2008


I was up and out early in the garden this morning. I am an early riser by nature but when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I have just got to get out there. The photographs today were taken at 6.30 am. They are all beautiful in their own right. The magpie can be cruel, taking the eggs and fledglings of our song birds. The snail is so unloved by gardeners, but with age I have become more tolerant of these little creatures. Ok he had a jolly good feed overnight, a lot of my flower heads on this plant are missing this morning. BUT he will eventually end up in the tummy of a song thrush I am sure. She does her work well. Until that time live and let live. The ladybird is of course the gardeners best friend, eating plenty of aphids. My garden is full of life and beauty, not to everyones taste but certainly to mine. This is what I garden for, for those that choose to share my plot. I never know what I will find out there, I like that. Have a fun weekend bloggers!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Somehow snails and slugs have never appealed to me. ha... I do love the Magpie. I think they are such lively birds. Handsome too.

Cheryl said...

I don't think they really appeal to anyone Lisa, but they make a jolly good photograph.
The magpie is okay, I don't find him a problem.

Rose said...

Snails don't appeal to me either, Cheryl, but this photo of him is wonderful! He looks very innocent contrasted with the large yellow blossom. Love the ladybug, too.

Cheryl, I am so excited, and you are just the person who would understand why. I bought a goldfinch feeder last week, and this morning while I was sitting on my porch two goldfinches landed and perched upside down, eating their "breakfast." Of course, when I grabbed the camera and tried to get in close enough for a picture I frightened them off. I'm going to have to work on being more subtle. Hopefully, they feel welcome enough to return often.

Cheryl said...

Rose I do completely understand your excitement. These birds are so difficult to photograph, unless you have some amazing camera with a this and that lens.....

Yesterday for the first time ever goldfinches are building a nest in one of my pine trees.

Keep up with your feeder Rose, that is how I started with goldfinch, just a feeder. Its nice to know that people are enjoying the wonderful wildlife they have around. Would love to know how you progress with these lovely birds.

beckie said...

Cheryl, the cycle of life! It is truly amazing. As are your pictures. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Cheryl said...

Tks Beckie, have a great weekend to.

Morgen said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for stopping bu my blog. Your nature photos, especially the little snail, are lovely. I appreciate the minuscule life in my garden too.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl,
I found you through beckie's blog. Love your pics - I especially liked the ladybug (or do you say ladybird in the U.K.?)
Will visit often. I live in Canada and we still have little patches of snow in our backyard. Can you believe??? It's really late this year. BUT - I do have daffodils almost open. I just love their cheerful trumpets, as if calling out to everybody - "hey everybody, it's spring - yippee!!"

Cheryl said...

Hi Morgen....They all have a purpose don't they?

Hi Wendy...we say ladybird....notthat it matters, same little creature.
Snow....we had a flurry a coupleof weeks ago and spring has been cold. My daffs have flowered since February and have only just finished.

Mary said...

...and we do love them all. Great post, Cheryl. I find early morning to be the best time but I'm usually off to work then. Weekend are a pleasure.

I don't mind the bees and the bugs. They have a purpose and serve us well. I did become annoyed with aphids on my roses last week, but they left!

I'd love to see a Magpie!

Enjoy your garden with so much life. It's grand, isn't it?


Cheryl said...

It is grand Mary and every day an adventure. I wouldn't change my world for anybodys.

Hedgewitch said...

Smashing photos, cheryl!

Lovely ladybird .. when I was at the nature reserve last week, I looked really closely at all the ladybirds and saw several harlequin ones, both the black with 2 red spots and the orange with black spots. Unfortunately the photos I took were out of focus! Good to see a native one thriving in your garden :-)

Cheryl said...

That really concerns me hedgewitch, they are killing our native species. Very worrying.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Lovely, lovely photos!
I too love all the birds and bugs...
I see so few snails and slugs. Like you I think the snails make for a jolly lunch!
I have been rather busy with birds in the back yard. Spring migration brought in a few extras! I do not mind one tiny bit.
It is wonderful seeing your bugs and your butterflies and your birds.

Cheryl said...

I am glad you are being visited by all the beautiful creatures Sherry. I know they lift your spirit and make your heart sing.
Snails are quite pretty if you study them. But then many creatures are.
Take care.