Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The mason bees are getting restless.

A couple of tubes in the units are showing signs that the mason bees are ready to come out. This is the start of their short life....... I hope tomorrow will be even more promising and one might, just might, peak out.


Hedgewitch said...

oh, how exciting .. how long do they live, then?

BTW, I knew I'd seen a good post about growing rosemary recently:


(hope the link came out all right!)

Cheryl said...

Hi hedgewitch...6 - 8 weeks, Not long is it, after spending a year in a tube. Lovely bees to, they are passive, do not sting.

Tks re Rosemary willcheck it out.

Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,
Tell them to bring their umbrellas, they might need them...

Chris said...

Is this a sign of good weather coming our way then :-) Good luck to your bees!

beckie said...

How exciting about the bees! Almost like giving birth :}. Can't wait til the next installment.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mark, Chris and Beckie
It is exciting. Weather is still awful here, hope they know something that we don't.
I shall get the brollies ready Mark.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Oh My Goodness!!!
I am so excited! It will bee wonderful to see them.
I have seen some small black bees in my gardens but I am not sure if they are Masons or not. So far no activity in my bee box.
The apple tree is not in bloom yet so maybe it will be a week or two before tha Masons come to my house.
I am lookingforward to the next update.
Thank you so very much for introducing me to these darlings.
I am smittem with the bee.

Cheryl said...

They are teasing me this year Sherry. The wind is from the north today and they have stayed snug.