Thursday, 3 April 2008

Daffodils and ladybirds.

The daffs you see in the photos I planted inthe autumn last year. They have come into bloom today. I love white flowers, so pure white daffs seemed like a good choice, I love them. The one with the pink tinge is also beautiful. When I bought them I thought what have you done, pink daffodils, no not a good idea. But hey, I think they are pretty gorgeous. Got an opinion I would love to hear it.
Also saw a ladybird today, every gardeners friend.

Spent several hours at my parents today landscaping their garden. My Dad worked with me, he is 81. Watching him I suddenly realised how old he had got. My Dad has always been my rock, a strong man, a protective father. I did the heavy work today, he could not do it anymore. Thats fine, I am happy to do that, but I must say I drove home and felt a little sad.


Naturegirl said...

I love the white daffodils! As I read your comment re: helping out your dad I think some day that will be me .. even though I am in my late 50's somedays it is hard to get up after crawling around the soil..getting close to nature!!
Happy day sunkissed in Arizona NG

Cheryl said...

Tks naturegirl for your comments....I to like the white daffs.
Yes it does get harder doesn't it, but I think keeping in touch with nature gives you a different perspective on things. I believe it keeps you young, yes of course we ache a bit more, and it gets harder getting up, but oh the pleasure. Long may it last.
I got a little sunkissed today, nothing to compared to your goodself but it was good to feel the warmth of the sun on my back.
Snow expected on Sunday, I do hope that they are wrong.
Enjoy you days.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I love white daffodils too. I have a nice group of them in my moon garden. I also have white tulips in there! I so love your Muscari header!My flower beds are bordered with muscari. I just love them...
I understand about Dads! Mine died in 1992 at the young age of 70. Never sick in his life. He died in my arms... Enjoy every minute with your Dad. I am so happy you have gardening to share with him.
I have seen a few Ladybirds too. They are our best of friends in the garden.
You are having very silly spring weather. Snow??? I hope not!
Will you put the bees back inside for warmth??? My husband told me last night we can have Mason Bees!
I am so pleased. Would you, please let me know of a good book to get to learn the how tos?
I did start an Ayurveda Way blog.
I think you will enjoy it.
Stay warm...

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry....Tks for your kind words about my sad for you.
Your moon garden must be a very spritual place, I can see it in my minds eye.

So pleased you have decided to let the mason bees come to you, they will find the unit if you place it outside. in a south facing position.
My unit had a small booklet telling me what to do. I have learned the rest from experience, the greatest teacher of all.
If I can help Sherry let me know.

Can't wait to visit your Ayurveda blog.

Rose said...

Love the daffodils--as you say, they are so pure and pristine. I have only planted the usual yellow; I'll have to try something new this fall.
Cheryl, I could relate to every word you were saying about your father. Mine is now 82 and is still doing well. But he's no longer the tall, strong man of my youth who I thought could accomplish anything he chose to. I realize I must cherish these years with him. How wonderful that you could help your Dad in the garden.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose

I have always been very close to my father. His garden is a tiny space, but you would be amazed how we dug the beds and crammed in lots of flowers. When it is in full bloom it will bring a smile to his face. I put an obelisk up and planted sweet peas to climb up it..
I to treasure my time with my parents, and where they lead we follow. Look and learn.

beckie said...

Cheryl, what a nice post. The daffs are pretty, and I do like the white. Not sure I have seen them before. I planted some yellow that have pink trumpets.(I'm not sure where though) Am anxious to see what they look like.

Dads and their daughters. Is there any relationship that is more special? Even when we are the care giver, we are still Daddy's ittle girl!

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie....Hope you find your daffs.
Yes dads and daughters, it is a special relationship, you are right. My dad always tugs at my heart strings for some reason.