Monday, 28 April 2008


When you go down to the wood today be sure of a big surprise.......well I was. Although its only a tiny space and not really a wood, hence the name copse, there were a few surprises. The wildflower, red campion, has come into bloom and is smothered in little pink flowers. The ferns have suddenly sprung up all over the place, and the funny shapes I find really fascinating. The native bluebells are just getting ready to open. All in all it was a pleasant surprise. I put some bark down along the pathway, I try to do this once a year. I don't do much to this area, this part really is for can't get in to the wooded area it is now so overgrown but it is full of wildlife.
The final photograph was taken as I walked back across the grass to go into the house. I managed to get the grass cut today. Rain forecast again tomorrow, can't complain because we have had two lovely days.


Miranda Bell said...

There are always surprises in the garden everyday... and you'll be pleased to know that I've posted a few of mine now... I did try and do it at the weekend but ran out of time as usual!

There are so many things about to come out and the many of the birds busy nesting too which is great to watch!

Your photography of wildlife in particular is great - I'm going to make a bee house this year ... that's another of the many projects!

Have fun - Miranda

Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda...So pleased to hear you are oing to have a bee house...they do need our help.
Tks re photography, you are very kind.

Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,
Glad you like the bee post,It was a fascinating afternoon and would love to have a go myself, but not enough room in the garden and I cannot do it in the wildlife areas as the health and safety police would have me.

On a better note you have won this months Wednesday Wanderings picture, if you could e-mail me youe address I will send it to you.

Cheers Mark

beckie said...

Cheryl, I love your new header with the birdhouse! I hope you are keeping some kind of scrapbook of these pictures. They would make a lovely book on seasons in England. The ferns coming out are so unusual looking-what kind are they? I know spiders are important in the garden...but ugh! Hope your good weather continues.

Cheryl said...

I used to be frightened of spiders Beckie, but after a few years in the old house have learned to live with them. They hide in our old oak beams, so living here would definately not suit you. You wouldn't sleep at night!!!
I do keep a record of my photographs, I may do something with them at some point.
My life has become more interesting as I have got older.
Aahh ferns...leave that with me, will let you know. I have at least 30 here and until they are in full lear I am never sure. Will get back to you.

Dawny P said...

I love all the photos of course, but the last one - well it just makes me want to sit in that beautiful chair, breathe in the fresh air and just relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Wonderful Cheryl x

Cheryl said...

You would be welcome to come and sit in my chair anytime Dawny, and I'd make you a nice cup of tea.

Cheryl said...

Hi Beckie....that fern is a Dryopteris....the wood fern.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful pictures Cheryl. I love to see ferns unfurling. I like that word "furl" it is so descriptive. I can almost feel it.

That wooden chair is to die for,one of a kind. If I was a covetess woman it would be coveted. As it is I might just have to paint it. You and your chair are safe way over there. tee hee..

Cheryl said...

You make me laugh Lisa. There is a story behind that chair. I had a really awful details...but it was bad. I had seen that chair at a garden centre and it was expensive. Mr Practical and I decided at that time we wouldn't buy it.
By the end of the bad week I had just about had enough. Mr Practical came home and said look on the drive. Low and behold there was the seat. It didn't change the situation at the time but it lifted my heart.
Its made from an old tree that was dying. The roots are the backof the seat and the legs are carved from the trunk. Pretty special.

Rose said...

Cheryl, I didn't realize how large your garden was! I'm enjoying seeing parts of it I hadn't seen before. I'm glad Lisa mentioned the chair, because I didn't know what it was until I enlarged the picture. How unusual and just perfect for a garden! How nice of Mr. P. to buy it to cheer you up.

Is that your dog resting between the two upright shrubs?

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose.....I garden an acre, it is quite a lot to manage but I really enjoy it.
The chair is unusual...I love unusual.

No its not my dog, its a churchill...he is a rusty old ornament bought from a reclaimation yard. I will do a photo one day.
Have to be honest Rose you have made me smile, so thank you.

Mark said...

Hi Cheryl,
You might find this nursey interesting

Libbys Blog said...

How lovely to have your own little copse. I'm not good in woods, they have always frightened me, that is why we could never buy a house near woods!!! But it is nice to hear about what goes on in and around them!!!

Cheryl said...

Tks Mark will go and take a peek. Treated myself to an auricula today......jumping jack, I think it is.

Hi Libby....I can understand people being frightened of woods, they can be very creepy places. So quiet......then of course you have the ents!!!!!

Wendy said...

Oh dear, I thought that chair was some kind of a birdbath! What a sweetie Mr. Practical is to surprise you with that chair. I like unusual - especially if there is a story to go along with it!
Thanks again for stopping my blog with your insightful comments. Your thoughts on health and gardening resonate with me.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy Mr Practical is a great guy.
Holistic medicine is something I have used for a long works for me but may not be for other people.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Don't you just love it when your garden or your copse gives you a surprise like that? I love wild flowers so thanks for sharing. Wish I had a copse too. First Monty Don was waxing lyrically (in one of his books I'm reading) about his copse and now you! I'm suffering from copse-envy! :-D

Cheryl said...

I must say Yolanda I love the copse, it is my favourite part of the garden. I like it because it is so natural, and peaceful. I have bumblebees nesting in there. And there is a hedgehog, andI don't think he has found a mate yet.
The wild flowers are stunning, I have worked hard to achieve a natural look

Tku for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is absolutly beautiful Cheryl...A real credit to yuo...TFS!!!:):):)x

Cheryl said...

Tku Terrie, its hard work but rewarding.