Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Misty, and damp. Planters.

When we first moved here there was a huge concrete slab at one end of the garden. When money and time allowed we had it decked. It stayed like that for a few years. Last year I realised how boring it looked, so I asked Mr Practical to make something out of the deck planks we had left over. He made six beautiful planters for me fill with lavenders and annuals. I have changed all the soil and put the seeds in. The small lavender plants from the greenhouse have also been planted. One of the troughs I use as an alpine planter. It has worked reasonably well although I am a little disappointed. I look forward to showing them to you full of lovely blooms. As you can see it is a damp and misty day in Kent. Yesterday was lovely and sunny and I had dozens of masons bees having fun in my garden.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice planters Cheryl. I would like to try an alpine planter. I love to hike in the mountains and find all those beautiful tiny flowers blooming.

Cheryl said...

I love alpines to Lisa, but I must say they do not do very well with me. I put plenty of drainage in and keep the soil relatively poor. Perhaps they will do better as time goes on.
I love mountains to. We are very low here, about 60 feet above see level.

Cheryl said...

That should of course be sea level.

Dirty Knees said...

Mr. Practical is so-o-o handy! Nice...very nice planters!

I see you also have forget-me-nots in bloom. Such a pretty shade of blue, I love them in my garden too. ;-)

ladyand the tramp said...

Hi Cheryl,
Don't you worry about the blogging world going quiet - I'm sure there are many silent bloggers like me who just haven't come out of the blogging closet yet!! However, to snatch 5 minutes from a busy day in the kennels for a sneaky peep on your beautiful site is a real treat and a highlight to the day - we love it in our house! And 3 cheers for Mr Practical too

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Happy St. George's Day!
Your planters are very lovely.
I lost my Alpine garden last spring! Very sad. The Edelweiss was only two years old. Not native!
The Baltimore Orioles returned to my gardens this morning.
I am so happy to see them.

beckie said...

How pretty, Cheryl! The planters look so easy to take care of and I am sure you enjoy working in them. When I think of England, I see it as your misty picture. Good luck with your new plantings.

Cheryl said...

Hi Dirty Knees, you are so right Mr Practical is sooo handy. I love forget me nots easy and so pretty.

Hi Lady and the Tramp....Its so hard coming out of the closet, but you feel so much better when you do. Its a great big blogging world out there, so glad you decided to join us.

Kennels, hhmmmm can't think who I know working at kennels!!!!
Thank you for the nice words.
Hi Sherry, It is so sad when you lose much loved plants. Alpines are such treasures. Like you I have learnt that planting native is the best way to go.
Will pop over to see you later.

Hi Beckie,Planters are fairly easy, although a bit laborious. England, yes we do get a fair amount of mist and fogs particularly in autumn. After rain the sun did eventually come out.

Rose said...

How nice of Mr. Practical to make these planters for you; I can't wait to see them in full bloom. What is the flower on your header today?

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose, the flower is a nasturtium, they come in lovely colours from pale yellows, to oranges, deep crimson. \you just pop them in the ground where they are to flower and thats it. They are great in problem areas provided they have lots of son and poor soil.
If you can't get them and like them let me know and I will send you some seeds for next year via Beckie.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

We had a bit of mist yesterday evening and early this morning but the sun is out in full force now. I like your planters and am fond of alpines too. What does help growing alpines is putting a roof over their heads during winter time. All that rain we have during the winter kills of many an alpine. I got this tip from the late Geoff Hamilton, bless him. He loved his alpines too.

Cheryl said...

Hi Yolanda....thank you for that piece of advice, I will most certainly do that. You have given me some hope.

Geoff Hamilton was a lovely gentle man. His views on organic gardening are something I respect. It was such a shame that he left us still in his gardening prime.

zhakee said...

Those planter boxes are very pretty, filled with all those little plants. Very attractive boxes.

Cheryl said...

Hi Zhakee
The plant are really useful and hae brightened up a boring space.