Sunday, 6 April 2008


There are signs that the hedgehogs are around,
droppings are in the small wood. I have started feeding
them, and leaving water out. This photograph was
taken during the day a few years ago. The hedgehog
had woken up too early because it was unseasonally
warm. They are nocturnal creatures, so I was lucky
to be so close to one. They are the gardeners best
friend, eating lots of snails and slugs. I love the hedgehog, I am hoping they will
breed here this year. They did around four years ago. There were 2 hoglets, only
one survived.
The snow has arrived, nothing too bad at the moment, but it is bitterly cold.


Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I have never seen a real Hedgehog!
How darling! It is one of the little critters I do celebrate! I have a few little crystal Hedgehods that sit about in my house in April.I am very fond of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.
So sorry about the snow.
Stay warm! I will check in.
Sending warmth and sunshine.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry...They are lovely little creatures. When I open my bedroom window at night in the summer, I often here them snuffling around the garden. I have put hedgehog homes in my small copse for them to use. I was extravagant last year and bought the delux model for them. I have covered it in twigs and logs to make it look more like a real hedgehog hideout. It seems to have worked.
Still snowing.
Tku for warmth and sunshine wishes.

Rose said...

Oh my, I hope the snow doesn't last long. It is actually a beautiful day here--the second in a row--with lots of sunshine and warm, spring-like temperatures.
The only place I've ever seen a hedgehog was at a petting zoo or some such place. I don't know if they are native in our area--I'll have to look them up. Did you ever read any of the "Frances" books to your children--I think she was a hedgehog.

Rose said...

Footnote to my last comment: I discovered that there are no hedgehogs native to North America, so no wonder I've never seen one around. An interesting bit of trivia--they are lactose intolerant, so don't feed them any cheese!
And Frances is a hedgehog; one of my favorite books to read to my children when they were small was Bedtime for Frances.

Cheryl said...
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Hedgewitch said...

oh! I wouldn't have known not to give hedgehogs a saucer of milk .. thanks :-)

not that I get many on my roof in London ,lol!!

Lovely header, cheryl.. like an icing sugar dusting .. hope you don't get any more though. Ours is all melted away now, but someone just said there's more forecast for tomorrow

Cheryl said...

It would be a clever headgehog to get on to your roof garden!!!!

I hadn't heard more snow tomorrow, I really really hope not.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose...I never give hedgehogs any dairy. People always put milk out for shouldn't do this. I always buy hedgehog food, it has everything they need in it.

I used to read my children Beatrix Potter books which included the famous Mrs Tiddy Winkle.

Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting The Gardener Side. I remember hedgehogs from my days living in England, but we don't have them in Canada. I do have a Hedgy ornament though. Cute little critters.

Dawny P said...

Hi Cheryl. Your blog banner is just stunning!! I love the snow I have to say, but that is probably because we get so little of it here, as we are quite sheltered. We were a bit excited this morning because there was a smidging of snow on the car roof!!! Well it was there at 8am but it had gone by 9am!! And little hedgehog is soo cute - I love them. How are your bees doing by the way? I hope they are ok. Hope the birthday boy had a great day as well. Many congratulations to him xx

beckie said...

Cheryl, you do have quite an assortment of animals. I'm sure they keep you entertained. Darn weather! I hope it starts to come around soon for you. I worked outside most of the day cleaning and re-cleaning flower beds. It felt so good to be out in the warm sun!

Dirty Knees said...

Hedgehogs sound like the ideal garden "pet": cute and eat slugs and snails! Very smart of you to feed them to ensure he/she stays around!

Naturegirl said...

Cheryl I am surprised to see how small the hedgehog is! Hoping the weather has wrmed for you.Sending "Rays" your way! Hapy Trails from Arizona NG

Cheryl said...

Hi Dirty Knees...I love wildlife and also garden the hedgehogs and I are firm friends.

Hi Naturegirl....The hedgehog is small, it is probably around a year. It will grow around twice that size, the male a little bigger than that.

Still cold here.

Have fun naturegirl

earthwoman said...

I think I should try and encourage hedgehogs, I haven't seen one for ages.
Have you created a shelter for yours or is there enough natural habitat for it where you are?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that hedgehogs are a gardeners friend. They are so cute! I have never actually seen one but I blogged about them HERE.

I enjoy your blog so much.

Cheryl said...

Hi Eartwoman, I live in open countryside but apparently there are more hedgehogs in towns than country now. I have an overgrown wood in my garden, it is purely for wildlife, so the hedgehogs love it. I have also purchased a den for them to breed in, amd covered it with twigs and branches and placed under bramble. They love that sort of environment.
Tks for calling by, love your blog by the way, it is so interesting.