Saturday, 5 April 2008

Colour and Bumble Bees.

In a study last year it was proved that bumble bees are drawn to lilac and purple flowers more than any other. The two photos taken today are of Cerinthe Major Purpurea. I normally put my seeds in around now, straight into the soil where they are to flower. These two little flowers are seeds from last year plants and have popped up early to please me and the bees. The header today is of course the glorious Verbena Bonariensis, and as you can see a bee is enjoying the plant as much as I do. Both the plants today are drought tolerant, the blooms will last all summer, and for me the best thing is rabbits HATE both. There are many beautiful lilac and purple flowered plants.......lavender, our native meadow cranesbill and catmint, to name but a few. If you want the buzz of bees this year why not plant some. Beckie at Dragonfly Corner will have some Cerinthe this year as I sent her some seeds. Enjoy Beckie. A good weekend to you all.


beckie said...

Yours are beautiful... more so than the picture on the packet. I started some inside and saved some to plant directly. Can't wait!

Cheryl said...

They are lovely Beckie, you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Wowthese are beautiful have an amazing ability to take some of the most beautiful photos...Have a great Weekend:)x

Cheryl said...

You are too kind Terrie but thank you very much.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
These photos are very beautiful!
I love learning about the bees. I did not know they liked purple flowers. Lots of native purples in my area so I hope to see lots of bees as soon as I have blooms.
A few years ago I found out the New Moon was unnamed. I began naming the New Moon each month. The New Moon in April is the New Bee Moon!Hope it is a happy one for you.
We are bee people!
The temperatures are warming up a bit today I hope to see a bee or two!
Hope the snows went north!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry....I like bee moon for April, it is fitting.
It is raining ice at the moment, I fear snow is on the way. The bees unfortunately will not like this....the weather should be warming up now.
Tku as always for your kind words.

Rose said...

Stunning photo of the bee! I didn't know that bumblebees are drawn to purple flowers, but that explains why every summer they are hovering around my purple salvia.
I used to shy away from bumblebees, especially after my brother was stung rather badly one summer. But the bees and I have learned to coexist happily in my garden.
A good weekend to you, too!

Cheryl said...

Hi Rose.....I adore bumble bees. They only sting when they are threatened, and even then its unusual. I have been working in my garden with bees for seven years now. Many species of bee are under threat. Their number have dropped dramatically world wide due to changes in farming. Without the bees we could not exist. There is nothing like the beautiful hum of a bee on a hot sunny day.

Hedgewitch said...

Beautiful photos!

and really interesting post .. the purple thing figures, because they always go for the purple-flowered herbs on my roof, like hyssop and especially lavender of course.

We're getting a serious amount of snow here in London at the mo, and I'm more concerned about your garden than I am about my own!

Am looking up some stuff about rosemary for you, btw :-)

Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch...Tks re Rosemary, thats really kind of you.
Not looking too good here, snow on its way I think. I have just moved bees to the shed again....not good for them, but no option.
How kind to be worried about my garden.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Cheryl - a cold evening here so thought I'd catch up on blogging... funny I bought a packet of these seeds to sow this year - as they looked so nice in someone else's garden. I'm also a real fan of Verbena Bonariensis (hope that's the right spelling!) - I grew some from seed a few years ago and cut them down every year and each year they come back - they're planted in amongst the delphiniums which are great together... Do you have any oriental poppies (I've got some seeds I could send you if you'd like). We inherited a whole load here and they're great at self seeding and are the most wonderful flowers - good for bees too!

Take care Miranda

Cheryl said...

How kind of you Miranda, I really appreciate your offer. I do have lots though. I adore poppies and grow many varieties. I really like the welsh poppy to and the black peony poppy (hard to get started but a stunner)

So cold here tonight, we are expecting a heavy frost.....