Sunday, 20 April 2008


Took the dogs for a stroll along the lanes today. The sun was shining, and it was lovely and warm. Due to the rain and cold the wild flowers seemed to have done very well. They were all along the grass verges, hundreds and hundreds of them. I have many of them in my garden but they are not in flower yet, apart from the yellow, lesser celandine. The poets amongst you might like to know that William Wordsworth wrote a poem about this flower. one of the lines is "bright as the sun itself". Our native bluebells are now out, aren't they exquisite. The pretty pink flower is Cuckoo flower, it comes into bloom as the cuckoo arrives, hence its common name. Finally white campion, much loved by moths for the fragrance it gives off at night. Native wild flowers are so important for our declining bee population, world wide bees are going down in numbers. They pollenate our crops, our orchards, and much much more. Why not give a little bit of your garden to the bees by planting native wild flowers. Not only will the bees enjoy it, you will to.


Rose said...

Cheryl, Every day I look forward to the photo at the top of your post. I know I'm getting repetitive, but this one is so beautiful, too.
I don't have any wildflowers planted, although I do have some native plants, such as the coneflower. I'm going to have to learn more about wildflowers.
Now you have me intrigued about the line from Wordsworth--I'm going to have to hunt for that poem!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These wildflowers are just gorgeous Cheryl. I wish I was able to walk the lane with you and the dogs to see them myself. We took Luna to the park today. There are lots of things blooming in the forest.

Cheryl said...

Repetition if it is a compliment is lovely Rose.
Wildflowers are pretty, easy and rewarding Rose. Have a go!!
I will have a look in my poetry book, if I can find it I will upload it if it not too long.

It would be lovely to stroll the lanes with you Lisa and tell you about our native flowers. Also Nella my terrier would love Luna, She loves big dogs.

Hedgewitch said...

beautiful .. lovely images and wise words.

am hoping to get out and about today, and you have reminded me to take my wildflower book with me :-)

happy earth day, wonderwoman!

Cheryl said...

Happy earth day hedgewitch.

Have fun in the sun and enjoy those wild flowers.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Happy Earth Day.
Beautiful tribute to the wildflowers. They are beautiful and so necessary for the bees. I enjoy walking too and looking at all the different wildflowers.
Your header is beautiful with the white butterfly. It looks like one of our Cabbage Whites!

Cheryl said...

It is our cabbage white, I think they are the same the world over.
I know you to like the wild flowers and have them in your garden. Oh if only there were more like us. Happy Earth day.
Saw the moon so clearly last night, she is indeed tinged with pink.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
We are one with the bees and the butterflies and the wildflowers. is a joy to know you.
Thank you!