Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Award and being tagged.

When I started blogging I was just doing it for me, a reminder of what happened in my garden and about the things that I love. But do you know something, I have met some really lovely caring people and they are far to numerous to mention.

Yesterday the lovely Dawny gave me "you make my day" award. I am really touched that people care enough to take the time to do this. Dawny is a lovely person, with a bright and colourful personality. Although her blog is crafting, I know she has a genuine rapport with the natural world as I do, and I love to hear her and her husband Richards views. Thank you Dawny.

Also yesterday I was tagged by Hedgewitch (one of my favourite blogs). Now to be honest I wouldn't normally do tagging and I said no initially. On reflection because she was so nice about it I felt quite guilty. I do guilty quite well. SO I am not going to tag anyone else but if you wish to write seven things about yourself, on your blog, then feel free to do so.

Seven things about me......oh dear......don't like this bit......but here goes.....

1. I am an early riser, every morning I go into my garden, come rain or shine, and just listen. Silence is golden.

2. I spend my life having a love affair with chocolate. I try not to buy it...if I buy a box,I can't just have one or two or three. There is no limit, so the answer is, if its not in thehouse, then I won't eat it.

3. I am, apart from the above, a healthy eater. I believe our bodies should be treated with respect. The saying 'we are what we eat' is true. I can hear you all tutting and saying oh no not another person preaching about food. Fair enough, each to their own.

4. I have a thing about veins. Don't mention blood tests etc,because I start to feel faint. Can't write anymore on that, I think I am going to pass out.

5. I try to follow as much as I can the Teachings of Buddha.........I think they are very beautiful.

6. I like to smile, a smile can say so much.

7. Sad stories always make me cry. Cruelty to animals,children or the elderly always break my heart.

Well I hope I havn't bored you....It is a one off.....and I have departed from my garden.
Hedgewitch feel honoured.


Hedgewitch said...

Oh, I DO feel honoured!

But I'm so sorry for making you feel guilty.. I wasn't sure whether to put the tagging thing on my blog, either, because I don't generally blog about myself.

Oh well, its nice to get a little insight into the person behind the blog, maybe?

I'm so with you on no. 2 BTW, I can't have chocolate in the house.. otherwise my willpower is pretty good (honest!)

Love your new header photo today too :-)

Cheryl said...

YOu are very welcome hedgewitch, it was quite painless really!!!!

Dawny P said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Cheryl. It's alwaysa pleasure to come across to your blog cos it is just so inspiring. I am with you re re most of your tags except the chocolate. It wouldn't bother me if I never ate a chocolate again!! My friend used to think I was weird!!! Now Richard on the other hand is a chocolate fiend. I am like you in that cruelty to man or beast upsets me greatly, especially children. I cannot bear it and just thinking about it is enough. How people can do it is just beyond me and I get so angry. It's a shame that people like that spoil this beautiful world the rest of us nice people live in. Oh dear, that makes me sound awful, but it's how I feelxxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny.....Yes I agree with you totally on that....its only a few that spoil it.

Michelle said...

Hi Mum,
Oh!! I know what you mean about chocolate. I never have it in the house - (not) As you well know my attitude is - if its there eat it, waste not want not eh! Mind you i'd give it up for one of your roasts every day!! mmm yum yum!!!!! Love the bright header - beautiful...
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

lovely to read your answers Cheryl...I`m with you on the chocholate...hope the weathers brightened up for you:)

Mary said...

Not boring at all, Cheryl! You make me smile everytime I visit...

4. I have a thing about veins. Don't mention blood tests etc,because I start to feel faint. Can't write anymore on that, I think I amgoing to pass out.

That one made me laugh out loud!


Cheryl said...

Dear all.....So glad you enjoyed it, Mich Iwill cook roast foryou anytime.
Terrie what is it with woman and chocolate, apart from Dawny!
Mary....If I made you laugh, I'm a happy bunny!!

beckie said...

Cheryl, The teddy bear is gorgeous! Can't wait!! That is one of the seeds I am starting indoors. Your other bloomers are so springy, what are they? You deserve the awards. I love the fact about choc. I think it should be one of the food groups!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
So nice to know a little bit more about you! Memes can be fun!
I too love the Buddha!
Thanks for doing the meme.
I tagged you for a book meme! Please do not play unless you have a book right near and it would be easy for you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think it very interesting to see what people come up with on the memes about themselves. Always nice to know a little more about people you don't actually get to meet.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry , hi Lisa

Yes it is good to know about the people you correspond with. I find it quite difficult talking about myself, I am quite a private person. Still its done now, and it didn't hurt too much!!!

Hi Beckie...Me to re chocolate, it is so moreish!!
Love those teddy bear sunflowers.
The other flowers are:-
Grape Ivy
Drumstick primula
and a miniature tulip.


Dawny P said...

ooops - should have said that re the choccie, it wouldn't bother me if I never ate it again. APART from when I am on this dreaded diet and then it's all I want!!! How strange is that? When I am not on the diet, I can go years without so much as a sniff. I have been on this diet now for about 8 weeks and I can honestly say that I have had more choclate during that time than in the last 8 years!!! xxx