Sunday, 16 March 2008


This is just one of the rabbits that live in my copse. I inherited them when I moved here. I have to say they have caused me more difficulties with the garden than I ever imagined. Being of a passive nature and one who believes that we are all here for a purpose, I would not hurt them. I thought they would just eat the odd plant and dig the odd hole. Oh no, they can eat as if it is the last day of their life. They can dig holes that are so deep if I run across the lawn, I could easily sprain an ankle. They eat the roots of trees and shrubs, they love all new growth on plants. So it was a huge learning curve moving here. I have learned to leave the grass around my trees and shrubs so the rabbits can't get to the roots. I am now an expert on the plants that rabbits truly dislike. I have fenced, I have netted, and I must admit they have made me cry....when I plant I have nurtured for years disappears overnight when a rabbit has dug under the netting. The battle has been going on for six years, and I don't think it will end. They like living here, even with the dreaded Nella (the terrier). They have all they need and more. As for me I suppose it is another challenge in life, and the grandchildren think they are so cute...they also feed the garden with nitrogen (from their droppings). At the end of the day it isn't too bad, I can't believe I said that, perhaps older age makes you more tolerant!!!


ladyluz said...

Oh, Cheryl, I feel for you....but they are cute, aren't they!

Sorry to say (LOL) that the sun is shining here. But - just as I think it's safe to go ahead and arrange an outdoor fiesta for Easter Sunday, it looks like we'll have a deluge! I will let you know.

The butterfly on the dahlia is gorgeous. Thanks for your comments on the arcacia....we'll keep looking or take the secateurs down to the petrol station for cuttings.

Chris said...

It is great that you think of them as mobile muck spreaders :-) They do look cute! We have had a badger on occasion (at night, no photoes!) and we understand about holes, usually under the fence in our garden.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ladyluz.....Hope the rain holds off for you on Easter Sunday.

Hi Chris, badgers can be destructive but they are so beautiful.

Dawny P said...

Hi Cheryl. Not sure if you want to post this one - I won't be offended in the least if you dont!! But I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. I saw the cards that Mich made for you on her blog and they are just beautiful - there's love in every inch of them xx. I bet you were really thrilled when you opened them. And what a lovely story about little Riley. It brought a fair old lump to my throat. I get quite emotional where children are concerned - always have done. I worked for a time in a special school and I was always the first to get my hankie out every sports day or Christmas play. I never got immune to it. They all tried so hard and it was that bit about Mich seeing his little face so determined that got to me - aww!!! Anyway, I hope you had a great day. Sorry this is a bit late but my internet has been very strange today!!! Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

"Oh "our Mason would love this...:)x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those rotten rabbits. Thats all I can say for them. They ate one of my purple crocus before it could even open its bloom. GRrrrrr

Anonymous said...

I have had a backyard wildlife habitat for many, many years. I used to do battle with wildlife and then realized one day they are a lot smarter than I am. I go in, set down at a table, pick up the silverware and eat what my wife puts on my plate.

They have countless generations of having to find a table, and determine what is there if it is eligible to eat and good. They are experts at finding food and eating it. So, now I turned to photography and love to stand in my flowers, covered with insects of all kinds, including mosquitoes that love to sip poppy nectar, and take pictures of young rabbits eating flowers, stems, leaves and all.

My rabbits come back each year to leave or drop off one or two baby rabbits and then the parents move on. The rabbits live here with us and tell their babies this is one safe place, where there is plenty to eat, and to be sure to drop their babies off here. And they do.

I used to also fight squirrels. Now I just buy them unsalted peanuts in the shell and also shelled. They stopped eating the bird's seed.

My blog is not about wildlife habitats but some pictures are found there, including all of those on my birds blog. The other one shows rabbits from time to time.

Your photography is excellent and your writing is good enough to be paid for.

Cheryl said...

Oldmanlincoln...Tku for dropping by....
What you have said about rabbits is of course true, they are all part of the grand scheme of things. I to have learned to live with them, but I must say your writing has made me think more on a positive line and I thank you for that. Sometimes we just need another persons view to get things into perspective.

Hi Lisa.....Don't rabbits just love the crocus....I've stopped planting them!!!!

Hi Dawny

I understand what your saying children drag all sorts of emotions out of us, it is all part I think of being a woman, a mother, and I wouldn't want to be any other way.

lol xx