Thursday, 6 March 2008


I have been following this little chap around the garden for the last two weeks trying to get a photo. Looked out of the bedroom window today and there he was. He sat there as if to say "Look ok I'll let you take a photo but be quick about it" I was and this was the result. Richard I need your it a lesser spotted or greater spotted woodpecker? Whatever he is gorgeous.


beckie said...

Amazing Photo! I'll be interested to know what it is?

Mary said...

Cheryl, you blog so frequently, I can't keep up with you :o) I do agree with your awards that your friends have given you. Whenever I stop by to visit, you always make me smile. I wish I could help with the birds in your region but I can't - it's difficult enough for me to identify my own! HA!


Cheryl said...

Tku Mary, I always try and post during my lunch break, obsessive behaviour again.
The two birds I named are so similar in look you need an expert to tell you which one it is.

Tku re awards.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Great pic of Woody! They are so lively it's hard to take a pic of them but you did it!

Dawny P said...

Hi Cheryl - we've looked at your photo and what an awesome photo it is - stunning. Richard was evry impressed xx I have consulted with the oracle and he tells me that it is almost certainly a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is quite similar, except for size, so if it was the size of a Sparrow, it is a LSW - GSWs are more than twice the size. LSWs are quite rare in Britain but not so the GSWs. Hope this helps xxx

Cheryl said...

Thank you both so very much. It is great having someone so knowledgable about birds...Its like having my own personal field guide!
Have a great weekend.

Dawny P said...

Anytime Cheryl - he is only too happy to help. Have a great weekend yourself. Mich will tell you what I am up to tomorrow :-( xxx

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for the picture of the woodpecker.
After reading your comments I see it is a Great Spotted! I have my Field Guide to the Birds of Britain pened to the page! that shows the size comparsion. So very interesting.
Now I want to go back and look again at your picture.
I remember I thought it looked wonderful!

Cheryl said...

Yes I did Yolanda, but it was a struggle.

Hi Sherry

Glad you like him, he is a beautiful specimen. I love the woodpecker. The green woodpecker comes here to, and he is most exotic. He never comes that close but I will get a picture one day!