Saturday, 1 March 2008


I have this little plant dotted all over the garden. It does very well here and I am always glad to see it.


beckie said...

Cheryl, Lung wart! That was one of the plants they talked about in the movie "Once Upon A Forrest",an antimated film. I have watch that many times with all the grand girls, and am happy to see a real one!

Cheryl said...

I don't know that film Beckie, but to be honest I'm not much of a film buff.

Hope you are getting the ceiling sorted.
Lovely to hear from you.

Mary said...


No need to be a photographer. Your photos tell your story very well. You're way ahead of us in the flower department! Maybe in a few weeks we'll see more color :o)

Cheryl said...

Thanks Mary, that is all I wanted to do, tell the story of my garden, the wildlife, and where I live. If the photos help portray that then thats great.

Terrie B x said...

"Delightful" Cheryl:)x

Cheryl said...

Hi Terrie
Beautiful colour, you can't beat it.