Saturday, 8 March 2008

One for sorrow.

My mum is really superstitious about Magpies, to the point, that if we see one on its own, we try to divert her attention elsewhere.We have a pair come every year, they have their young and then they seem to disappear. I know they often get blamed for taking the eggs and fledglings of songbirds. I try here to provide dense coverage for the thrush, blackbirds etc to nest in. I actually like the magpie, I think they are quite stunning when the sun shines on them and you see their vibrant blue colours. I wouldn't want more than two though.


ladyluz said...

Ooo, s/he's beautiful. I love 'em yet never see them here.

What a beautiful picture for your blog and the wisteria is stunning.

Cheryl said...

He is gorgeous. Yes wisteria is beautiful. It was in apityful state when we moved here but lots of tlc and proper pruning seem to have done the trick.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love Magpies they are handsome birds. I don't have them in my garden. I have to go way out west or down south to see them.