Saturday, 29 March 2008

A pile of feathers

I have just had the most amazing experience. I was sitting in the conservatory eating supper. Dusk was drawing nigh, when thump a sparrowhawk with a collared dove in his powerful grip landed right in front of the glass doors. I tell you my heart was banging so fast I felt breathless. I sat frozen to the spot for fear that if I moved he would take flight and the poor dove would have died in vain. It was a fantastic thing to see.....I went into the garden turned the outside lights on and took a photo of the feathers. I just had to tell and show everyone the evidence. Wow what an evening, much better than television!


Dawny P said...

It gives you a scare doesn't it until you know what it is. I just showed Richard your picture and hes said that it would be a female Sparrowhawk - doves are too big for the poor little males. All birds of prey males are smaller than the females - girl power or what!!

One flew over our roof last week and it was literally like a flash - they are so quick. I know some people have issues with birds of prey but they are only doing what nature intended them to do I suppose, and they do have to eat. But sometimes I do wish they would eat something else!!!

We have had a few more eggs this week so before long, there should be lots more little mouths to feed. They are very cute when they first hatch but after a few weeks they turn really ugly - only their mothers (and Richard) could love them. Then they turn again into the beautiful birds we all know. Pictures will follow I'm sure xx

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog Cheryl - I really do appreciate them. And hasnt Michelle done some stunning work recently!!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I know exactly what you mean! How thrilling! When I have seen our hawks catch a dove or a sparrow I am also awed. I felt the excitment too as I read your account.
Enjoy lights out!
One day at a time we will turn the tide of pollution around. Mother Earth depends on us!

beckie said...

Oh Cheryl, what an experience! I don't know if I could have watched. I know it is nature taking it's course, but I would have felt so sorry for the dove. That is the food chain though. Have a good weekend!

Miranda Bell said...

This must have been very alarming - strangely enough exactly the same happened when I used to live in Bristol - was sat in my living room having coffee with a friend when all of a sudden this hawk dived into the garden - this time for a blue tit - my brave cat Hamish fled through the cat flap and both birds got away... so at least a happy ending but it all happened so fast it was a total shock. You wanted a wildlife garden!! Hope you're weather is better than here - the wind is something else.... enjoy your weekend Miranda

Rose said...

Oh,my! I agree, the drama outside your window had to be better than than anything on television. We have quite a few hawks that appear here, though I can't tell one from another. Fortunately, I've never seen them catch their dinner.
Just read yesterday's post, too. I will have to remember to take some photos of my bumblebees this summer. I originally planted flowers that would attract hummingbirds, but the butterflies and bumblebees are more frequent visitors.

Mary said...


Oh, my. It is exciting but I always have a soft spot for the poor victims. Oh, I know the hawks need to eat, too. I once saw a hawk crash into a dove and carry it away... Breathtaking.


Cheryl said...

Hi Dawny....I wouldn't have missed this experience for anything. I love the doves but I also love birds of prey. The kestral is one of my favourites. Owls are my absolute favourite though. Richard is so knowledgeable, I love learning from him, Respect.

Your welcome re comments, only tell it how it is.

Yes love Michelles recent card, the ribbon is lovely. She has some beautiful ribbon for sale at the moment.

Hi Rose

Bumbles when you can catch on camera make a lovely subject I think, and of course the butterflies.

Hi Sherry....I did feel sorry for the dove but everyone has to eat, its called survival. The does were nesting in the garden so.......

Hi Beckie.....I must admit I couldn't move I was absolutely fascinated, I surprised myself.

Hi Miranda....I can accept what nature does it is all part of the food chain. Whilst I felt sorry for the dove, the power of the sparrowhawk left me in awe. I love my wildlife garden and all the experiences that come with it.

Garden like a swamp, grass long enough for tigers to hide (slight exaggeration) but you get my drift. Oh where are you sunshine????

Have fun.

Hi Mary......Yes I was in turmoil but equally fascinated.....strange.
Hope your are less stressed now!

Libbys Blog said...

My word! My mum has a bird imprint on her dining room window, does look funny!
Wednesday was the day we spent time in the garden too! It was such a lovely day. not to hot and not too cold!!!

Cheryl said...

Wednesday was perfect, only thing is they are few and far between!!
Have fun Libby.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my..been there too..
only it was still daylight and the hawk
had a Junco WHICH he stayed around to eat..
I have some pics..I love nature..even though I felt bad for the Junco.
smiles, Deena

Naturegirl said...

Cheryl I had a similar experience when I witnessed the Cooper Hawk
having his lunch ..I posted and explained why all the feathers on the ground ..hope you saw it..a bit grose for a weak stomach..a lesson I learned was the circle of life provided by Mother Nature> hugs NG

Cheryl said...

Hi sweetannee and naturegirl

Yes it was a wonderful experience and one Iwould not have missed. Nature is cruel but that is nature survival.

I did see your post naturegirl, fantastic.