Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Let battle commence.

Have you ever started a job and wished that you hadn't. I looked out of the kitchen window today and my gaze fell on the pampas grass. Its a huge beast and I am sure it knows when I am thinking of giving it a haircut. The weather had improved, so I thought come on lets do it. Armed with the shears, padded gloves, and a heavy jacket I set to task. Ten minutes in and I was weakening, my wrists were cut (how to those vicious strands get between glove and jacket), my face had been whipped several times, and a breeze had started to blow all the cuttings around the garden. GREAT. Well I am not a defeatest, I wasn't going to go down without a fight. Bish bash bosh.....one hour later the job was done. In fact I was so full of enthusiasm by this time I dug up a dying conifer as well!!! I know I will ache a bit tonight but my view from the kitchen window is much nicer now.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those grasses are devilish creatures. I am sure your view has improved. The cranky grass will also appreciate it later.
You deserve a nice long soak in the tub tonight.

Cheryl said...

The cranky grass will indeed appreciate it Lisa. A long soak in the bath was indeed the answer!

kris said...

Hi Cheryl - it always feels good to get a little garden housekeeping done, doesn't it? I can't wait until I can get out in my gardens - raking up soggy leaves will be a joy! :)

I have been so bad lately about visiting blogs - what a joy to scroll through yours! I adore each and every bloom you've posted - just lovely. And the baby lambs - how sweet. I grew up on a farm and I always loved when the lambs were born - they are so cute. What a bummer that you had hail and freezing - hope most of your stuff survived okay. I could have written your "7 things about me" meme myself - I think we might have a lot in common if we ever met for real! Nice to visit - hopefully I'll be getting better about my blogging.

Rose said...

Looks like you accomplished a lot today. I am waiting for the wind to subside here before tackling my own battles.
I love your new banner picture (the birdhouse amongst the trees).

beckie said...

Job well done!! That grass can be dangerous to life and limb!

Am doing better today as we got a good report on MIL this am.

Cheryl said...

Hi Kris, Good to hear from you. Glad you like the lambs and flowers all true sign of spring.
Happy blogging.

Hi Rose Nothing worse than wind gusting about your garden, it makes everything more difficult.

Hi Beckie

Glad to hear ML is okay and you are doing a bit better,
Take care.

Mary said...

It never fails! Whenever we decide to cut grasses, the winds start howling. I have laughed so much before. I don't plant grasses much anymore because of that...

ladyluz said...

Hi Cheryl. Wish I could go bish, bash, bosh with my three but have only managed a little trim. How old is your clump?

I noticed the baby chameleon heading into it this morning, so am loathe to really go at it.

Loved my visit to you as usual.


Cheryl said...

Hi Ladyluz I have another two lucrking but they are small by comparison.
The brute is six years old and a survivor. My husband loves it so it stays. Although I do all the gardening, he does put all structures up for me.
Hope you are having sunshine, we still have rain!!!!