Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Dunnock

The dunnock looks a little like a sparrow but it belongs to a completely different family. It is in fact a song bird and sings the sweetest melodies. It is often seen alone and is a quiet and sensitive bird. They nest in shrubs and small conifers, and only around six feet above the ground.
The snow came was a light fall ....and when it came the whole world seemed to go quiet. As I walked the garden early this morning I could hear the church bells in a neighbouring village. Easter Sunday, it was a lovely way to start my day. The afternoon was spent with family......easter egg easter tea......and lots and lots of laughter. I had a lovely day and I hope that you did to.


Mark said...

I bet hearing those bells on a nice quiet Sunday was a bit special.
If you get the chance to see todays Countryfile, they did a bit on green roofs and a bloke called Dusty Gedge, who is the green roof guru, was on talking about them. Try bbc-i on your computer.

Happy Easter


Miranda Bell said...

Happy Easter Cheryl - sorry I've nto been around much recently - lots of work on and was over in Cornwall too - will be posting pictures from my visit v. soon! Glad you got out for your egg hunt this afternoon - weather here was attrocious! Did you ever find out the name of the mystery plant?

Take care Miranda

Dawny P said...

Hope you had a lovely day Cheryl. What a lovely way to start the day - I love hearing the church bells. We live opposite an old church and the bells chime every hour. When we first moved here I thought I would never get used to them and they did keep us awake at times. But we quickly came to love them as part of the charm of this place and now they are broken we really miss them. xx

Mary said...


I love the description of your Dunnock, "sensitive bird..." Very nice. And, dear Cheryl, I neglected to mention the U.K.'s rain and snow on my last post. Oh, I wish you sunshine...

But, the way you described your day doesn't sound too bad at all. Tea, laughter, church bells. Ahhhh. Just wonderful.

Happy Easter, sweetie.

beckie said...

What a lovely little bird. I love to hear birds sing. Our Easter went fairy well for having such a crowd. We have told MIL and are taking her Monday morning. So far not too bad.

Glad you had a good Easter!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Mark, I will do that.
Loved the church bells...yes it was certainly special.

Hi Miranda.....the egg hunt was indoors because of bad weather.
No still don't know what the plant is, it is in full flower now and is really beautiful.

Hi Dawny....What a shame about your church bells, I to love them there is something so calming.

Hi Mary...the dunnock is sensitive, and I really like him, I see reflections of myself Ithink.
Tks re sunshine....whenever i see Mary said believe me I see sunshine.

Hi Beckie

Have thought of you with regard to ML, difficult decision but you seem a caring and positive person, lovely match....I am sure it will all work out fine in the long term.

Libbys Blog said...

Aww its so sweet. We have wrens somewhere nearby, I often see them flitting by!

Cheryl said...

Wrens are exquisite Libby you are lucky to have them nesting nearby.