Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Thank you Lisa

Lisa at Greenbow left these lovely words about my bee story, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

I like to think its your bee
on this lovely tree
slurping spring tonic
from cups of cherry blossom

this I wish to see
while upon my knee
or from my chair
in warmth of sunlight
I will stare.


A wildlife gardener said...

What a treat I have had coming to your blog today, cheryl. First there is the little bee story and feeding him honey...made my heart melt :)

Then there are your lovely little statues, the beautiful lady and the owl, and the fond reminiscences about the bygone holidays with Gramps...just so sweet.

Your aconites and the lesser celandines are so vibrant and shout with acclamation about the promise of Spring to come...still a bit slow where we are because of the snowfall, I expect.

I love your header, too, with all the buttercups...so pretty :)

And what about that badger log, all hollowed out...I'd love to see them more often. There are two setts near us but we don't see the badgers much...just as well they are nocturnal. Might keep them safer than if they roamed about in daylight hours. they are wrongly blamed for so much. I hate those culls.

The photo of your song thrush was so natural, as is everything in your sanctuary :)

Mary said...

Lisa is a terrific poet!

Cheryl, we are definitely kindred spirits. You gave one lonely bee shelter and I'm smiling ear to ear. You are such a tender soul.


A wildlife gardener said...

Hello, Cheryl. I'm back again with a little surprise for you, which you will discover when you read the latest post on my blog :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Wildlife gardener, I was so pleased to hear from you, I have been concerned as you have not posted for a while. Tku for you lovely comments I am so glad they gave you pleasure.

Hi Mary
I am glad it made you smile....it did me while I cared for him....I do it every year, look for natures weak and try to help them where I can.
I have often been laughed at with my ways but the lovely thing about age is that I can stand there and say "I am me" and mean it.

Tku u for dropping by


Terrie B x said...

beautiful Cheryl...Iv`e left you an award on my blog ...Take a look:)X

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Not only did you inspire poetry but also a painting!
Lisa is a kind and talented person!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry

Yes Lisa is so very talented. I was amazed that the bee story provoked such emotions in people. I have always taken care of bees.....I have such an affinity with these little creatures, way back to when I was a child. I am hoping that more people will care for them rather than be afraid, as people often are.