Sunday, 30 March 2008

Mr Practical.

Decided today that it was time the mason bees went outside. I like them to go out around mid March but the weather then was bitterly cold, so it was not a good idea. The weather is still unsettled so I ask Mr. Practical if he could make a temporary shelter for them, and it would stop me worrying about them. Now he is not the sort of man that you could chat to about the meaning of life or the nesting of blue tits, he would listen and smile in the right places, but there are more important things on his agenda. Now having said that, when I asked for the shelter, within a couple of hours it was made. It even has mini legs to stop water accumulating underneath and roofing felt on the top to keep the rain out. Now other girls might like chocolates and flowers, but hey me give me Mr Practical everytime!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree about Mr Practical. I would take a shelter for bees or anything else made with love.

beckie said...

What a kind and generous man you have. And no nagging! Can't wait to hear more on the bee saga. I love your new header. You could easily frame it!

Michelle said...

Hi Mum,
I love Mr practical, he is the best dad in the world. Im sure that the mason bees will be thankful too.

Cheryl said...

Love is the best thing Lisa.

No nagging Beckie and yes he is a kind and generous man.

He is the best Dad Mich and the bees will be safe tonight.

Cheryl said...

Thank re header Beckie, it is pretty beautiful, isn't it.

Hedgewitch said...

what a lovely post.. and a great guy!

Naturegirl said...

What a gem Mr. Practical is!! Love that bee shelter!!
now that my Mr. wonderful is retired when we get home he will have NO excuses NOT to get a few projects made for the garden!!
Otherwise I'll order your Mr. P. LOL..hugs NG xo

Cheryl said...

He is great hedgewitch.

Hi naturegirl..... I am sure Mr Wondeful will bow to your every need.

earthwoman said...

Now that is a very smart set up. Do all creatures co-habit well?

Cheryl said...

Hi earthwoman..If you mean do all bees cohabit well, hen of course the answer is no.
These units are purely for mason bees. Cukcoo wasps often place their grubs in the unit and they will feed of the mason bees.
Tks for dropping by.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Mr. Practical is a darling.
The way your bees are set up is very nice. I was looking in one of my catologs and I saw a bee house for Mason bees. I almost ordered. I think I will wait and watch how you do your bees and see if maybe I could do Mason bees in my backyard.
Happy the bees are out.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry, It is nice to give the bees a helping hand. I must admit to enjoying their company to.
Bad weather forcast for the weekend, here we go again.