Saturday, 15 March 2008

Its still gloomy.

The gloomy weather is still with us. Grey skies seem to be hanging over us constantly. Its lucky that I don't suffer with SAD, because I would be in a serious state of depression. Instead I will work in the garden today cutting back the dogwoods and other large shrubs that need a bit of regeneration. We have another day of rain tomorrow and then they are saying the sun should come out again. Fingers crossed. Hope the sun is shining on you all and have a fun weekend.


Chris said...

Yep, rain here today :-) Daffs and Magnolia almost in full flow and I'm sitting indoors at a PC :-) Still, there's always tomorrow :-) Hope you're having a good weekend!

Naturegirl said...

I am one who does suffer from SAD so here in Arizona I am just so happy amongst the butterflies and blooms!! I have lots of sunshine to share with you! sunkissed NG

Dawny P said...

If it's any consolation Cheryl, it's very grey and gloomy here too. I hate complaining about the rain when water is such a precious commodity to an awful lot of people in the world cos they are desperately short of the stuff, BUT ....... oh for some sunshine. Just a bit would do xxx

Cheryl said...

Hi Chris....yes always tomorrow, heres hoping.
Hi naturegirl
Sad is awful, so you are in the right place. I imagine the warmth of Arizona and feel better already.
Hi Dawny

Yes just a bit of sunshine would be nice, wouldn't it?

Mary said...

I also suffer from SAD, Cheryl. It's good that I live in a state that is mostly sunny - we rarely have cloudy days. You're a trooper and I admired you for it.

We had T-storms and cloudy skies today and I really enjoyed it. We need the rain.

Hang in there. Butterflies and blooms will grace you very soon!

Cheryl said...

SAD, Iknow is difficult to cope with, my son and husband both suffer with it. I know it is a genuine condition and I must say I really feel sorry for those that have to deal with it. Living in England of course we have a lot of dull days, so it doesn't help people like you.

I do count myself fortunate, and thanks for always making me feel just that little bit better. You truly are a tonic Mary.